Power up your growth in 2024

10 major Brandwatch updates helping the biggest companies in the world to understand and be understood

Every brand is navigating economic, social, political, and technological change. To get a competitive edge, organizations need to adapt, evolve, and advance at speed.

Here are 10 Brandwatch updates that will help you:

  • Accelerate and deepen your understanding of your audience and market with new data sources and AI-powered analysis tools
  • Get more from your people with easy upskilling and smoother, faster workflows
  • Elevate the results of your social media strategy with streamlined customer care and scalable influencer marketing features
  • And much more

Forget business as usual, sharpen up your tech toolkit

Learn from Brandwatch's Senior Director of Product Marketing, Nick Taylor, how your company can accelerate growth.

New AI features, and deeper analytics tools

“We're constantly facing challenges, whether it's a brand or a product perspective… and the ability for us to quickly create queries and create categories that can help us segment the conversation really brings that contextual element back to our teams and help them understand what consumers are challenged with.”

- Ben Kocsis | Global Comms Insight Analyst | Ford

1. Delve deeper with Iris AI conversation insights

Easily extract intelligence from online conversations to inform your strategy

Brandwatch’s newest Iris features are harnessing the power of ChatGPT for deeper analysis of online data. You can now get an AI summary of any Brandwatch data point to understand what’s driving spikes in a particular conversation. Meanwhile Iris content insights can generate a summary of your competitors’ posts to identify themes and topics that are driving their success.

2. Stay ahead of the competition with Benchmark

Use Benchmark to put your social strategy in context and learn from your competitors

We recently introduced Benchmark, the newest addition to Brandwatch's Social Media Management platform. With Benchmark, you can discover your competitors’ best-performing posts and campaigns and get a snapshot of how your brand performs against the competition across Facebook, Instagram, and X.

3. Create faster with Iris AI writing assistant

Leverage AI to create the best copy for your social posts, ads, and messages

No matter if you are writing the caption for a post or a reply to a customer, Iris is here to help make your text shine. Not only can Iris improve your drafts, it can also create social posts from scratch based on your brand's personality and automatically create replies for your customers’ inquiries based on the conversation’s context.

4. Take your audience analysis to the next level

Go deeper and broader with our Social Panels updates

We’ve made several updates to Social Panels, our industry leading audience analysis feature which lets you analyze and compare your target personas or key stakeholder groups at vast scale. Now you can turn any dashboard into a panel letting you search beyond X and Reddit and create even more well-defined Social Panels for more accurate analysis.

Easy upskilling and smoother, faster workflows for your teams

"Now that we have Brandwatch, we have so much more time in the day to focus on creating great content instead of toggling between social tools."

Emily Zangari | Director of Digital Content and Strategy | University of Connecticut

5. Learn from the best with Brandwatch Academy

Upskill your team on best practices around social listening, social media management, and influencer marketing

Whether you’re new to Brandwatch or you’re a seasoned user, our Academy is your go-to place to unlock even more ROI from your tools and partnership with Brandwatch.

  • You can get started with our easy-to-follow, on-demand courses in just 20 seconds using your Brandwatch login.

6. Collaborate with stakeholders seamlessly

Share your content with external users and get feedback

We have enhanced the Shareable Views feature, refining the ability to share content with external stakeholders with no access to Brandwatch. External users can now seamlessly leave notes or approve each post. As a Brandwatch user, you will discover expanded sharing options, enabling you to share individual posts. Additionally, the update empowers you to include external notes, further enhancing collaboration and communication.

7. Boost traffic with the new Link in Bio

Redirect your audience from social to your website

We’ve introduced Link in Bio in our Publish tool. You can now create Link in Bio pages, customize them as you wish, and use them to seamlessly redirect your social media followers to external destinations like your website or ecommerce store.

Business partnerships that give you exclusive access to new opportunities

“The Brandwatch suite has given us a clear idea of where we are at; which campaigns were more successful than others, and what moments within those campaigns resonated with our audiences."

– Toby Leveson | Senior Digital Content Manager | BRIT Awards

8. Get the full picture with our Dow Jones exclusive partnership

Combine traditional and social media for a 360 degree view

Brandwatch and Cision are combining our strengths to build a Media & Consumer Intelligence platform that unifies all the data we collect across traditional and social media.

This month we have integrated new premium print and paywalled news offerings leveraging our exclusive partnership with Dow Jones to provide unparalleled global coverage of the world’s most important and respected media.

Elevate your performance by streamlining customer care and scaling up your influencer marketing

“We combine the power of Brandwatch’s social data with our own proprietary first party data to elevate brands through insight-driven campaigns that engage the right audiences”

- Nicolle Jayne Sing | Group Director | TSL Media Group

9. Streamline customer care with Salesforce Integration

Connect your Salesforce to Brandwatch for efficient customer service

Brandwatch has extended our ecosystem of integrations with the Salesforce Service Cloud integration. You can now connect your social media channels to your CRM system instantly and manage support issues that arise on your social channels with Salesforce, streamlining your customer care like never before.

10. Scale influencer marketing efforts

Access more metrics and features to help you better measure influencers and their performance

We’ve added several new metrics and filtering options, empowering you to pinpoint the perfect influencers for your collaboration and to seamlessly measure the impact of their posts. You can now elevate your influencer partnerships to new heights with precision and confidence, powered by invaluable campaign insights.

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