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Brand Comparison Report: Zara vs Uniqlo

Fast fashion is the retail concept of moving ideas from the catwalk quickly to stores to capture current trends, and stores like UNIQLO and Zara are competing to expand their empires across the globe to dominate the sector. Brand perception is key for retailers as they vie to provide the hottest trends. If a retailer’s reputation falls, the brand is in a world of trouble.

But understanding what and who is driving the brand’s conversation is incredibly important for retailers if they wish to expand their customer base. In our brand comparison report: Zara vs. Uniqlo, we analysed:

  • The volume and sentiment surrounding each brand
  • The key audiences for each of the companies
  • These audiences’ other interests
  • Topics driving conversation

Download our guide to discover consumer opinions about two of the most dominant retailers in the world to see which one wins out over the other, as well as how your brand can benefit from similar research.

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