From cringe to cool: how Crocs made a comeback.


After a downturn in revenue between 2014 and 2017, Crocs have been on a mission to reinvent themselves. And it’s working. There have been over 1.79 million mentions about Crocs in 2023 so far, and volume is picking up speed. Consumers are excited about the brand in a whole new way.

So, what’s behind the excitement?

Releasing hit collaborations with trending films, game franchises, and even sports teams, the footwear brand appeals to die-hard audiences across dozens of niches. From a Lightning McQueen style shoe to a partnership with the NBA, 2023 has been the year of collaborations for Crocs – and followers are loving it.

The brand is receiving enviable levels of engagement in the comments on their Instagram announcement posts, with some fan comments getting over 45,000 likes.

Crocs have nailed their social media strategy when it comes to their collaboration announcements. For example, a TikTok announcement video for the new Shrek Crocs gathered an impressive 33 million views.

Crocs stays on the pulse with what’s trending and releases relevant products at the right moments to hit a buzzing audience.

In September 2023, the brand gained over 400k followers on TikTok and 200k followers on Instagram. These are numbers brands dream of.

TikTok following numbers for Crocs

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Chart shows Crocs’ TikTok following increase.

Data gathered using Brandwatch Influence between May 1 2023 and Sept 30 2023.

The company has leaned into the quirkiness of their products. Crocs are unapologetically Crocs – and that’s what Gen Z loves about them. That’s why they’re one of our Brandwatch Change Makers for 2023.

How you can spark change

Don’t sleep on collaborations. Whether it’s with huge companies, up-and-coming brands, or even influencers, consider partnering with others to capitalize on different audiences. If collaborations aren’t possible, try following rising conversations among your audience to see what’s making consumers tick right now. Whenever possible, tap into these conversations when they’re at a peak.

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