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Welcome to Brandwatch's 2023 Year in Review!

As we bid farewell to a remarkable year, join us on a journey through 2023. From groundbreaking content that stirred conversations to pivotal networking events sparking change, and innovative services redefining the digital landscape – it's been a year of milestones and indelible moments. Discover key insights and inspiration from our journey, empowering you to navigate and excel in the opportunities and challenges of 2024. 🚀✨

Brandwatch connected: Bringing together minds, forging partnerships, and shaping futures together

Brandwatch Masterclass NYC and Chicago

  • We enjoyed gathering in NYC and Chicago this year to exchange insights, guidance, and conduct workshops to enhance the impact in your work. We listened to inspiring success stories with actionable insights while connecting with industry experts and colleagues.

  • Speakers included Uber, TikTok, Sanofi, Ford, Giant Group, Fetch, and many others.

Spark Virtual Summit

At Spark, innovation isn’t just a buzzword. This virtual conference was tailored for global marketing enthusiasts who were dedicated to translating digital insights into tangible real-world results.

  • Spark's speakers shed light on the journey from raw data to practical strategies.

  • Participants joined to be inspired, establish connections, and unlock their potential to ignite positive change through their work.

  • Speakers included Oglivy, Adidas, Royal Caribbean Group, and many more.

Grow With Social Facebook group

In Grow With Social, we eat, sleep, and breathe all things digital.

In the group we share:

  • The juiciest industry news

  • The latest tools and trends

  • The most effective tips and tactics

  • Consider this your safe space where we're all about empowering each other. We'll share our wins, dissect our flops, and turn every setback into a stepping stone toward success!

Valuable resources to gain a deeper insight into how Brandwatch can support you in 2024

Expanded suite of choices just for you

5 Highlights in our products and services

1. Brandwatch Unleashes AI Innovation

Conversation Insights, Writing Assistant, and Content Analysis for Enhanced Collaboration

Brandwatch is utilizing ChatGPT and similar advanced AI models to introduce new features. These include AI-powered conversation insights for quick data summarization, an AI-powered writing assistant for social media management, and an AI-powered content insights tool for quantitative analysis. We’re showcasing the potential for more interactive and creative human-AI collaboration in the future of the industry.

2. Subject-Matter Expertise and Hands-On Support Tailored to Your Needs

Brandwatch Services

Brandwatch’s Professional Services team combines technical expertise and cross-industry experience. We build teams around clients’ needs, composed of subject-matter experts that act as trusted advisors in transforming data into critical insights and better strategies.

3. Audience Analysis

Reddit Communities

Brandwatch is taking its market leading Social Panels feature to the next level, supporting Reddit and beyond. Learn more about how we're finding new audience insights in Reddit communities.

4. Social Listening Insights

Navigate Tomorrow's Challenges with Real-Time Social Listening Insights

Today’s brands need to adapt quickly to make it to tomorrow. Understand and engage with your customers at the speed of social with Brandwatch, the social suite built for our fast-moving world.

5. Social Media Management

Unlocking Social Success: Industry-Leading Management Solutions

We’re thrilled to be helping more than 70,000 social media pros streamline their workflows every day using our industry-leading social media management solution. Brandwatch’s all-in-one platform is everything you need to discover, attract, and engage customers on social, across teams and regions. Want to up your game on social in 2024?

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