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Published May 9th 2023

5 Netflix Insights Found Using Reddit Social Panels

We dive into the Reddit data to share five insights on how different generations talk about Netflix shows.

It's crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of your customers' needs and behaviors across different platforms. 

Luckily, gaining insights into their discussions doesn’t have to involve a complicated, end-to-end market research project.

With the right tools, you can simply search for the social data that matters most to you, segment by the groups and topics you’re most interested in, and generate the insights you need to make better business decisions.

One way you can do that is with Brandwatch's Reddit Social Panels.

Finding Netflix insights with Reddit Social Panels

For this analysis we looked at conversations around Netflix, including direct references of the brand, title references, and full subreddits related to popular shows. We also applied new, ready to use Reddit Social Panels broken down by generation. 

Looking just at conversations from January 1 2023 - April 15 2023, here’s what we found.

Insight #1: Millennials are most vocal about Netflix on Reddit

Gen Y (Millennials) discusses Netflix the most on Reddit, followed by Gen Z, Gen X, and then Baby Boomers.

Conversations about Netflix appear in a variety of subreddits including general subreddits (r/AITA or r/mildlyinfuriating), entertainment specific subreddits (r/netflix or r/movies), and show-specific subreddits (r/ginnyandgeorgiashow or r/witcher).

Insight #2: Password sharing news is a key concern for some age groups

In early 2023, one of the most talked-about conversations on Reddit was not about the latest Netflix content, but rather the company's decision to crack down on password sharing. The discussion drew over 2,000 posts from Gen Y individuals alone, with the overall sentiment leaning towards the negative. 

This conversation also touched on other streaming services as individuals debated the pros and cons of their subscriptions, particularly given rising financial concerns. Multiple individuals referenced their strategies for “rotating” between the platforms, canceling frequently in order to enjoy content on all. 

Insight #3: Baby Boomers show a strong interest in Netflix documentaries

Megan Markle and Prince Harry were a popular topic of conversation among Gen X and Baby Boomers. In fact, looking at trending content in Baby Boomer conversations, a strong interest in Netflix documentaries is revealed.

Netflix-related threads popped up on both the subreddit r/SaintMeganMarkle and Netflix-specific subreddits often in reaction to their six-part documentary series.

Tip: For brands looking to analyze Reddit data, it’s important to look both at subreddits related to your brand and products but also to search more broadly across the site. Brand mentions could pop up on any subreddit – not just the ones we might assume to be most relevant. 

Insight #4: Cross-referencing generation and interest data can reveal hidden preferences

In addition to our generational Social Panels, Brandwatch’s interest-based Reddit Social Panels enable our users to dig deeper by cross analyzing multiple attributes. This can be used to develop content strategy, identify areas of opportunity, and better understand their audience at large. 

Looking at people across the generations we studied who also discuss Netflix, we found that: 

  • Family & Relationships, News & Education, and Travel are shared interests across the generations 
  • Baby Boomers tend to over index for Animals and Business & Finance 
  • Unsurprisingly, Gen Z indexes highest for Gaming and Style & Fashion 
  • Gen X indexes highest for interest in Automotive 
  • Gen Y indexes highest for Sports 

Insight #5: Total Reddit Score can help measure the success of a new season

The release of season 4 of "You" generated a lot of buzz among Gen Y individuals, with r/YouOnLifetime trending on Reddit. 

Breaking down the Gen Y conversation by Total Reddit Score, a metric that looks at the net votes (upvotes - downvotes) across posts and comments, the show received a score of over 21,000 on its release date of March 9 2023.

Fans binged the series in the first few days post-release and engaged in episode-specific discussion threads.

Reddit Score provides a valuable way for marketers to evaluate launches, and diving into the mentions themselves can provide even more insight.

In summary

There are so many ways Reddit Social Panels can be applied to discover new insights about key audience groups on the platform.

Our current interest-based Social Panels include groups with interests in the following: 

  • Animals
  • Arts and Design
  • Automotive
  • Business and Finance
  • Entertainment
  • Family and Relationships
  • Food and Drink
  • Gaming
  • Healthy Living
  • News and Education
  • Sports
  • Style and Fashion
  • Technology and Computing
  • Television and Film
  • Travel

Our generational panels include:

  • Gen Z
  • Gen Y
  • Gen X
  • Baby Boomers

Learn more about our pre-built Social Panels on Reddit here!

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