Female Invest

Here’s how Female Invest are changing how women think about money.


The gender pay gap affects not only salaries but also how we handle our money. Women appear to be at a disadvantage when it comes to investing. They’re less likely to invest than men and research shows that women aged between 21 and 53 hold just half the value of investments held by men in the same age group. Enter: Female Invest.

Female Invest are “on a mission to close the financial gender gap.” They acknowledge that the lack of financial equality needs fixing and are dedicated to shifting the tides.

Their website is jam-packed with high-value educational information designed to empower women globally to take action against financial inequality. 

As well as producing notable website content they’re thriving on social media too, with over 230k Instagram followers. From educational posts about the specifics of investing to advice content on how to create healthy money habits, their Instagram page is incredibly scroll-worthy. And their growing fan base is loving it.

Net new followers for the Female Invest Instagram account

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Chart shows follower increase for Female Invest’s official Instagram account from Dec 2022 to Apr 2023. Data gathered using Brandwatch Influence.

2023 has seen thousands of new followers on Female Invest’s Instagram. Why? They rebranded – and it paid off. As quoted on their Instagram, they “want to be bold, unapologetic and trustworthy — a voice that captures a cultural moment in history where women are taking control to build the lives they want to lead.” Combine this with high-quality, eye-catching content, and the outcome is impressive social stats.

Female Invest’s commitment to fighting a cause bigger than themselves is admirable, and they do it flawlessly. For that reason, they’re one of our Change Makers for 2023.

How you can spark change

Don’t be scared to change things up. If your company has evolved to reflect new goals, products, or values, you might want to consider rebranding to showcase your brand’s evolution. Why not try conducting some consumer research to discover more about how your audience perceives your current branding?

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