Ice Spice

Ice Spice’s quake isn’t one to be ignored. Here’s how she used social media to her advantage.


The American rapper has made the climb to fame look easy. After getting the attention of Drake in August 2022 – when he played her song, Munch (Feelin’ U), on his SiriusXM radio station – she utilized social media to catapult her music career.

Across the internet, Ice Spice picked up 3.25 million social media mentions between 1 November 2022 and 1 April 2023. Since signing with 10K Projects and Capitol Records, she’s had two hits reach the top five on the Billboard Hot 100. That’s impressive.

Ice Spice's online mention growth

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Chart shows volume of online mentions for Ice Spice. Data gathered from all platforms monitored by Brandwatch Consumer Research between Sept 2022 and Apr 2023.

In April 2023, she collaborated with rap legend Nicki Minaj, and together, they released the song Princess Diana, which skyrocketed social mentions. On the day of the song’s release, there were over 219k mentions about Ice Spice across the internet.

So, what can we attribute to Ice Spice’s rise to fame?

She’s played the social game well. She went viral on TikTok – over 2 million videos have been made using sound from her song Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2. Plus, her original video sharing the song garnered over 55 million views. It’s safe to say her presence on TikTok is one to be admired.

Ice Spice’s social media presence, fresh sound, and heavy impact on pop culture have all earned her a place as one of our 2023 Change Makers.

How you can spark change

Brands shouldn’t underestimate the power of TikTok. One in eight people are active users of the app, showcasing TikTok’s impact on pop culture. From the language we use to the songs we listen to, users adapt based on what they watch on social media. Why not try hiring brand ambassadors to shout about your brand or products to their dedicated audiences?

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