The AI industry is growing aggressively. Here’s how Midjourney is making an impact.


Midjourney’s generative artificial intelligence program is making waves on social media – getting plenty of people talking. Impressively, there have been over a million people discussing Midjourney online since January this year.

Midjourney’s most noteworthy function allows users to generate AI artwork based on text prompts.

With only 11 full-time employees at the time of writing, the research lab is proving that it doesn’t take a village to make an impact. In fact, you don’t even need a complete product; Midjourney’s tool is still in open beta.

From a photo of Pope Francis wearing a white puffer coat to artwork of Donald Trump getting arrested, Midjourney has been at the center of many viral internet moments this year. The realism of these images continually sparks conversations across the web, proving the power of Midjourney’s tool.

Online mentions about Midjourney

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Chart shows volume of online mentions about Midjourney.

Data gathered from all platforms monitored by Brandwatch Consumer Research between Jan 1 2022 and Sept 30 2023.

While there are rising questions about the ethicalities of AI-generated images, brands like Midjourney aren’t getting negative press in the process. It seems the concept of ethical AI is controversial, not the companies offering it. Consumers are impressed with these programs despite ongoing discussions on the ethical use of such software.

Combining a trailblazing product with impressive mention numbers has secured Midjourney a spot as one of our Change Makers for 2023.

How you can spark change

With only a handful of team members, Midjourney reminds us that even small teams can have a huge influence. Assess your team’s strengths and how they’re deployed to make sure you’re reaching your true potential. Even if your product is in beta, consumers value a functioning and seamless product, so brands should focus on nailing the experience for customers early on.

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