Nonna Pia

Nonna Pia is proving that influence doesn’t have an age limit.


At 86 years old, Italian grandmother Nonna Pia is claiming the attention of millions. Her popular home cooking videos are going viral on TikTok as fans lean into her authentic screen presence.

Her grandson, Antonio, is the cameraman behind Nonna’s success. And what began as sharing simple videos of her recipes has turned into an account with over 45 million likes.

TikTok following numbers for Nonna Pia

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Chart shows Nonna Pia’s TikTok following increase.

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Nonna’s worked alongside a number of brands to show off their products to her attentive fans. From cleaning brands to TV shows, everyone wants in on the action. Why? Her sincerity and genuine attitude make her an excellent influencer to work with. 

‘Granfluencers’ are a rising phenomenon online. Usually dominating a specific niche, older influencers are attracting fans by proving age is just a number. By sharing authentic content with their followers, granfluencers are gaining followers across the internet.

Despite being out of the stereotypical demographic for an influencer, Nonna is proving that there’s no age limit on having an impact. That’s why she’s got a spot as one of our Change Makers for 2023.

How you can spark change

Influencers span all demographics. Working with stars who have a close relationship with their audience can foster positive ROI for brands. From brand awareness to direct sales, influencers are an ever-growing, popular way to meet your audience head-on.

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