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Einflussreiche Befürworter identifizieren mit dem neuen Influencers Dashboard

Seit kurzem gibt es drei neue hilfreiche Use Case Dashboards in Brandwatch Analytics. In diesem Blogpost stellen wir das Influencers Dashboard näher vor.

This summer we expanded Brandwatch Analytics to three new use case Dashboards :

  • influencers Dashboard
  • PR and News Tracking Dashboard
  • Reputation Management Dashboard
  • A dashboard, designed by the winner of our competition dashboard . Seize the opportunity now to get your idea in the Fire Watch Analytics platform implemented to see.

In this blog post we will show you how to use the new Influencer Dashboard itself.

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The Influencers Dashboard

In today’s connected world word of mouth became one of the main sources of information to make purchasing decisions. In fact, are Millennials this as the most important source when it comes to buying fashion products, consumer goods, financial products and expensive purchases.

Influencer are the key to harness the power of word of mouth for your brand, and the Influencers Dashboard can help you.

What’s on the dashboard?

You can a Influencers Dashboard with each query create, you have already created or set up a new one.

The dashboard consists of several live lists. These important factors to impact score are listed. A measure which determines the influence of a person and the reach of his tweets, blogs and posts. In this way you can identify very easy actual or potential supporters and get in touch with you.

There is an ongoing stream of opportunities. What you will never miss.

Each tab of the Dashboard treated another type of influencer. Top authors Top Tweeter, top bloggers and influential proponents and opponents. To able to track influential conversations, wherever they take place just.

Influencer Dashboard

The Dashboard also includes an influencer Demographics Tab which you more about age, gender and interests of Influencer reveals which have the greatest impact on conversations about your brand.

Planning Influencer Marketing Strategy

Now that you know who your most influential influencers, your influencer marketing plan strategy.

Influencer marketing is not a new concept, in fact it is even for decades.

One sports personality to offer a pair of cutting-edge headphones that can wear during the warm-ups: Influencer Marketing.

clothe a Hollywood star with the latest design pieces for the red carpet: Influencer Marketing.

grab a free sausage tasting in the basket of the customer who shops for a large dinner party: these are all examples of Influencer Marketing.

It is an ancient art, but the social web makes it possible to operate every day Influencer Markteting and this in a more recently unimaginable scale.

The Influencers Dashboard in Brandwatch Analytics you can keep track of the most important, most influential and most dedicated people online talking about your brand. Or you could tracken users who talk about your competitors, a special campaign or an important topic.

What makes someone to Influencer?

An influencer may be a well-known journalist or blogger who talks about your products. These are great for spreading, to be in the public eye and generate buzz for your last release. You may be an expert and know your way with your services from, creating valuable user-based content that enriches your own marketing efforts.

An influencer could also be a regular consumer who has a strong network of friends and colleagues and further recommends to this.

Influencer appear in all shapes and sizes. Celebrities are effective but this win as advocates can often be difficult and expensive. But nowadays, they are not the only ones that reach a large audience. Today’s Influencer close Fashion Vlogger in their bedrooms, amateur cyclists who share their routes and really, people taking pictures of their cats , with a.

Influencer Dashboard Banner Image

What should I do if I have an Influencer found?

Once you have your Influencer found that talk about your brand, is the first thing you should do to get in touch with you. When you say nice things about your brand, this is a good opportunity to thank them, to keep the conversation upright and build up a closer relationship with them. Voice as not positive, try a solution for their problem to find. One criticism is often very valuable if these good, personal service from that condition, the entree to them.

The reward for smart Influencer Marketers is remarkable. The digital agency Burst Media found that generated an issued dollars influencer campaigns earned media worth of 6.85 dollars .

There are several ways you can get in touch with influencers:

Give you something nice: Offering free gifts to your top supporters is a great way to make you feel this as something special and hopefully thank to the effect that they are talking about how much they like the gift. It is one of the oldest forms of influencer marketing and one that still works.

Pay them: You have to be careful about when you pay people to be advocates of you. It can rapidly be self-defeating if you take it wrong. Someone to bribe so he says something positive about you, is not necessarily the best move. But to pay someone to create great content for you, can be a great way to drive engagement with a community using your marketing.

Sell to them: You can identify influencers to a particular theme. Some of these influencers could turn out to be potential leads. Creating a list of potential customers, it allows you to sell to a group of people who can be influential influencers.

Identify your top influencers in which you exist for your queries put a Influencers Dashboard. If you still do not have a fire Watch account, request a free demo.

To learn more about our new dashboards and their applications, enter our free webinar part (in English) on July 30 at 18 o’clock.

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