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The Wellbeing Wall

How do other content marketers up their game, get motivated, or just stay sane?! If you ever find yourself wondering just this, take a look at The Wellbeing Wall for inspiration 👀

Freelance Content Strategist, Unified Comms & Collaboration | Dominic Kent

Over time, I realised that I was most motivated (therefore most productive) when there was something to look forward to. I call it micro-rewarding. I've scaled ...

Freelance Fintech Writer & Strategist, Mint Copywriting Studios | Araminta Robertson

I make sure to read on a wide variety of topics. I read books about health, history, business, technology and personal development – not just content and marketing. I find that keeping a variety of reading materials ensures my ideas stay fresh and, most importantly, I'll never get tired of reading!

SEO Specialist, Land of Rugs | Ryan Jones

One of the biggest drivers of mental health issues when working in marketing is the need to constantly move forward. Whether you work full time and have a couple of side hustles, or you own your own business, the issues with burnout are real. My best advice would be to ensure you take time to you...

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