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Published October 27th 2023

20 Social Media Holidays to Celebrate This November

Here is some inspiration and ideas on holidays and events in November 2023 that you can add to your social media calendar.

Your mind might travel to turkey dinners and Black Friday deals when you think of November. Still, this month offers a wealth of social media holidays that allow us to raise awareness, show appreciation, and celebrate various aspects of our lives. 

  • Men’s Health Awareness Month: Movember #Movember
  • November 1. World Vegan Day #WorldVeganDay 
  • November 1. National Authors Day #NationalAuthorsDay 
  • November 4. National Candy Day #NationalCandyDay 
  • November 8. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medicine (STEM) Day #STEMDay 
  • November 12. Deepavali/Diwali #Deepavali #Diwali
  • November 13. World Kindness Day #WKD
  • November 15. America Recycles Day #BeRecycled
  • November 16. International Day for Tolerance #ToleranceDay
  • November 17. International Students Day #InternationalStudentsDay 
  • November 19. International Men’s Day #InternationalMensDay 
  • November 20. Universal Children’s Day #UNChildrensDay
  • November 21. World Hello Day #WorldHelloDay
  • November 21. National Entrepreneurs Day #EntrepreneursDay 
  • November 23. Thanksgiving Day #Thanksgiving
  • November 24. Black Friday #blackfriday
  • November 24. National Day of Listening #DayOfListening
  • November 25. Small Business Saturday #ShopSmall
  • November 27. Cyber Monday #CyberMonday
  • November 30. Computer Security Day #ComputerSecurityDay

Each holiday presents a unique and creative way for brands to forge meaningful connections with their audience online. There’s inspiration in the air. Tune into this breakdown of impactful approaches that could suit your upcoming campaigns.

Men’s Health Awareness Month – Movember #MovemberNovember

Are you mustache-ready? Popularly known as Movember, Men’s Health Awareness Month is observed throughout November. From makeovers to meaningful conversations, men around the world grow mustaches to raise awareness about men's health issues, including mental health issues, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer.

November 1. World Vegan Day #WorldVeganDay 

Join the global vegan community in celebrating the many positive impacts of leading a plant-based lifestyle on health, the environment, and the well-being of animals.

November 1. National Authors Day #NationalAuthorsDay 

The power of storytelling transcends time, industries, and cultures. Whether you're a reader or a writer, it's a day to appreciate the people behind the stories that shape the fabric of society. Fun fact: Agatha Christie remains the world’s best-selling author (and the second best-selling fiction writer behind William Shakespeare). 

November 4. National Candy Day #NationalCandyDay 

We’re happy for you to celebrate National Candy Day in any way you find sweet, be it treating yourself to candy, playing Candy Crush, or even making those sweet treats at home (there’s a TikTok tutorial for everything). 

November 8. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medicine (STEM) Day #STEMDay

You hear it all the time. STEM this, and STEM that… It’s an incredibly important field that more than deserves this day of tribute. We’re keen to thank all the brilliant minds working to advance human knowledge.

November 12. Deepavali/Diwali #Deepavali #Diwali

Deepavali, also known as Diwali, the Festival of Lights, symbolizes the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. There’s nothing more poetic. It's all about beautiful celebrations, illuminating homes, and sharing joy with loved ones.

November 13. World Kindness Day #WKD

“To be kind is more important than to be right. Many times, what people need is not a brilliant mind that speaks but a special heart that listens.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald, Racconti dell'età del jazz (Tales of the Jazz Age) (1922)


Not us almost losing £20 at the end there💸🤣 Happy WorldKindnessDay, keep watching to see how we celebrated 🫶 #boohoo #kindess #giving #giveaway #bekind #manchester

♬ original sound - boohoo

November 15. America Recycles Day #BeRecycled

America Recycles Day is a national effort to encourage more people to embrace recycling and other sustainable practices to reduce society’s environmental footprint.

November 16. International Day for Tolerance #ToleranceDay

Intolerance has no place in a world so vast and diverse. This day calls for respect and understanding across cultures, creeds, and backgrounds. 

November 17. International Students Day #InternationalStudentsDay

The average person spends at least 15 years of their life as a student. It’s no easy feat. Let’s take this opportunity to celebrate the power of education and the contributions of students who question, inquire, and enrich academic institutions and our communities.

November 19. International Men’s Day #InternationalMensDay 

Celebrate boys and men in all their diversity. Some may choose to highlight the key social issues faced by this demographic around the world, while others might be perfectly fine going out for a pint or two. There’s no manual as long as it’s done with love. 

November 20. Universal Children’s Day #UNChildrensDay

100% of the world’s population have been through childhood, whether conventional or the contrary. This holiday, celebrated since 1954, is dedicated to improving international togetherness and children's welfare worldwide.

November 21. World Hello Day #WorldHelloDay

The objective is simple: Greet at least ten people on this day. Seeing participation from 180 countries, World Hello Day aims to promote world peace through interpersonal communication. It’s that simple. Say hello. 

November 21. National Entrepreneurs Day #EntrepreneursDay 

Innovators, drivers of economic growth, our employers… Whichever lens you use to perceive entrepreneurship, it’s clear that it’s not an easy venture. Let’s celebrate their vision, determination, and the contributions they make to our society.

November 23. Thanksgiving Day #Thanksgiving

A beloved American holiday with international recognition, Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, togetherness, and a feast with family and friends. Menu must-haves: Roast turkey (with stuffing and gravy), mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, mac and cheese, some kind of casserole, cornbread, apple/pumpkin pie. 

November 24. Black Friday #blackfriday

The ultimate shopping event. It’s here for the shopaholics, anyone who needs to clear their wishlists at a discounted price, or for the planners ready to start their Christmas shopping early. Deals, deals, and more deals.

November 24. National Day of Listening #DayOfListening

An alternative to the hustle and bustle of Black Friday, National Day of Listening can be equally rewarding. It offers the chance for anyone interested to practice listening, giving the time for other people (from their family to the wider community) to share stories about themselves.

November 25. Small Business Saturday #ShopSmall

Bolster the backbone of communities by supporting local businesses and shopping small on this day. It’s kind of like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but for finding unique, handcrafted treasures.

November 27. Cyber Monday #CyberMondayCyber

Monday is the closing act after a weekend of in-store shopping, offering shoppers the chance to make those purchases online at great discounts and convenience.

November 30. Computer Security Day #ComputerSecurityDay

Raise your hand if you’ve ever failed a phishing test sent out by your company? No one? Just me? Every new day and advancement in technology comes with improved cyber attack attempts. This holiday is about raising awareness and helping you secure all your devices. You’re welcome.

That’s a wrap

Keep the Q4 ball rolling with a creative and social strategy informed by our insights.

For more ideas and inspiration to spice up your social media content, check out our Social Media Holiday Calendar 2023

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