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Published September 5th 2022

13 Behind-the-Scenes Post Ideas You Should Steal Immediately

It can be challenging to open the curtains of your business and let people peek behind it to see what’s cooking there. But we urge you to consider it.

Why? Because an unedited look into what is happening inside your business allows people to see the human side of your brand, which builds trust and connection.

Let's look at some successful examples of letting your online community behind the scenes with you. For example, we’ll look at how you can:

  • Show your company culture and values
  • Show off your office and stores
  • Introduce your team and work environment
  • Share excitement around events

Let’s get to it. 

Many brands have proved that a behind-the-scenes strategy on social media is a great way to build awareness and brand loyalty. Here are 13 examples to inspire your social media strategy.

Share stories from your day-to-day

When you let your audience behind the scenes always remember to do it with one main goal in mind—engaging your audience. 

Here is an example from the Social Media Week team on how they celebrated their virtual conference with humor from the office. They made a joke with a snapshot from the day with a dog. And who doesn’t like a cute dog, right?

Uber shared an engaging story of their star driver Sam, who pulled over mid-ride to rescue people from a burning building - and still got his client to the airport on time.

Promote your products or services

The behind-the-scenes strategy is a special way to approach a product launch or reveal more about an existing product or service you offer. 

Let’s look at what Maybelline and Airbnb have done on social media to let the people behind the scenes of what they offer.


📍 today we’re checking into #pasadena 🍋 #asmr

♬ original sound - airbnb

Show off your company culture and values

Nike chose to open the curtains and show their company culture of inclusiveness on social media via posts like the one below.

Microsoft handed the behind-the-scenes opportunity to their employees to show how their day went by. It’s always interesting to be in someone else's shoes for a day, right?


is there even such a thing as too many coffee breaks? #microsoft #fyp #coffeebreak #corporate #icedcoffee

♬ original sound - Microsoft

Show people the story behind

Building brand awareness is crucial, and finding a way to give your team the stage on social media brings authenticity to your business.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, for example, shares the stories of its artists. In this way, they let the audience not only relate to their work displayed in the museum but get-to-know their stories and lifestyle.

Show off your office and stores

It is always exciting when a brand opens the doors of its premises and lets its community in. A sneak peek always does the magic on social media, whether in your office or your shop.For example, LEGO introduced its online community exclusively to the makeover of its Leicester Square Store in London.

Introduce your team and work environment

A great way to strengthen your employer branding is to shine a light on the people behind your success. Whether you show them in action behind the scenes like Cirque du Soleil or let them share their work-from-home routine like Hubspot - don’t miss the opportunity to be open.


ladies and gentlemen… quadruple landed 😲🫢😳😭👏 @Quinn !!!! #teeterboard

♬ -

Share excitement around events

We are living and breathing events online and offline, so why not find a smart way to show the behind-the-scenes of those for your brand on social media?

Here is an example from BMW M Motorsport that makes you feel part of their crew for a couple of seconds and another from Google, where they celebrate the #NationalInternDay with all their interns worldwide.


Adam, the wheel gun man. @race.cat @BMW M #bmwm4gt3

♬ Originalton - BMW M

Create a fun experience for your community

Entertainment is the key for many of the social networks users. Try to find an angle that suits your brand identity and present a fun behind-the-scenes adventure for your community.

Let’s enjoy an example from one of the biggest scuba diving shops in Indonesia - Manta Dive.

That’s a wrap!

Are you ready to open the curtains of your business and show the genuine side of your brand behind the scenes?

Good luck and let us know if you need help!

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