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Published March 26th 2024

What is LinkedIn Messaging for Pages, and Why Should You Enable It Immediately?

LinkedIn’s Page Messaging is a new feature that allows your audience to contact you directly through your LinkedIn Page.

Previously, LinkedIn members could only message other LinkedIn members, and there was no easy way of messaging company Pages. This new functionality breaks down that barrier and facilitates two-way conversations between people and brands. 

This is a great opportunity for your company to make yourself more easily available to your audience on LinkedIn. 

A direct communication channel

So, how does this work, exactly? 

As a brand, you’ll have the freedom to choose from a range of topics members can reach out about. That might be questions about your business, a service or demo request, support or career opportunities. Select a minimum of two topics from the list to define the inquiries you wish to receive.

When you reply to these messages, you do so on behalf of your company, which means the recipient only sees your company name and logo. The benefit of that is your audience can experience a one-on-one interaction with your brand, strengthening both brand awareness and the overall relationship. 

Three big advantages of enabling messages for your LinkedIn Page

1. Receive quality leads 

Enabling LinkedIn’s Pages messaging feature increases accessibility, making it easier for your audience to connect with you. 

Breaking down barriers of communication can significantly increase your chances of getting quality leads. When potential customers make an effort to contact you, they already demonstrate a keen interest in your brand. By enabling a convenient way to reach you, your business is readily available to meet their needs, effectively turning initial interest into actual leads. 

2. Attract the right talent 

Messaging for your LinkedIn Page also helps your company attract talent. By opening a direct communication channel on LinkedIn, you simplify the process for motivated applicants to connect with you. 

Providing a direct channel for potential candidates signals that your company values proactive engagement and is receptive to job inquiries. This might attract individuals who are passionate, motivated, and eager to join your organization. 

3. Strengthen your brand

Personalization, responsiveness, and availability on social media is vital for building brand trust and loyalty. Opening up for direct messages makes your brand more approachable, allowing your audience to reach out to you through their preferred channel.

Close contact with potential customers allows for a more personalized customer care approach, ensuring relevant information and personal guidance through the buyer’s journey. These efforts showcase dedication to excellent customer service, enhancing credibility, satisfaction, and trust, which ultimately strengthens your brand.

Now that you know the advantages of LinkedIn’s Pages Messages, let’s explore the best practices of leveraging these benefits.

Messages for LinkedIn Pages best practices 

Keep your conversations organized

Even though LinkedIn prompts people to categorize their message, there might be times where inquiries don’t fit the predefined topics. If that happens, go to your Pages Inbox to change the topic and make sure every message is properly organized and accounted for.

Coordinate across teams

Make sure your team has super admin or content admin access to your LinkedIn Business Page, so you can efficiently delegate tasks between team members. Efficient delegation ensures that each inquiry is assigned to the appropriate team member, so they can take swift action.

Be responsive

Timely responses show your dedication to potential customers, job applicants, or future partners, boosting their confidence in your company.

Stay efficient with a social media management tool

If you are managing several social media accounts, another stream of incoming messages can be overwhelming. By implementing a social media management tool, you can ensure that no message goes unnoticed, and that everyone who reaches out receives a timely response.

As a member of the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program, we are excited to announce that LinkedIn’s Pages Messages feature is already fully integrated in Brandwatch Engage

Tempted to see it in action? Book a free demo.

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