Last updated: 29/03/2023

Publishing Guidelines


Human Readable Summary

Brandwatch Customers have a wide variety of use cases for Brandwatch’s Services. Of those use cases most revolve around internal business decision making, consumer research, data driven planning, and brand health management. If a Customer wishes to publicize their use of the Services, or the results of the Services, including Supplier Data, it must comply with the guidelines outlined in these Publishing Guidelines. These Publishing Guidelines supplement the Agreement in place between the parties. Non-compliance by the Customer may result in a breach of the Agreement. Capitalized terms used but not defined herein have the meanings given in the Agreement.

1. Proper Citation in Publication

The Customer is responsible for properly citing Supplier and its Services in any public or external discussion and/or publication of its research. Please see below the examples of proper and improper citation of Supplier and/or its Services. 

  • Proper public citation of Brandwatch and its Services:
    • Utilizing [specific solution used, ex. Brandwatch Consumer Research], [Insert brand name of client here] searched for social data regarding XYZ.
    • According to [specific article or report written by Brandwatch], …
    • Brandwatch’s [insert BW product and component name here] showing [Insert brand name of client here] analysis of ABC……
  • Improper public citations of Brandwatch and its Services:
    • Brandwatch said XYZ…
    • Brandwatch shows/showed XYZ…
    • Brandwatch returned XYZ…
    • According to Brandwatch, XYZ…

2. Proper Logo and Screenshot citation

If a Customer wishes to use Supplier’s logo on any external-facing material, it must obtain approval  from Supplier’s communications and content team via [email protected]. While there are no strict guidelines as to the size of the font attached to the image citation, it is advisable to maintain a professional and appropriate appearance.

3. Citing work produced by Brandwatch’s Professional Services Team

If a Customer wishes to discuss work that was conducted by the Supplier’s Professional Services Team, the following citation should be used:

  • [Insert brand name of Customer here] commissioned Brandwatch’s Professional Services Team to conduct analysis on/around XYZ…

Supplier takes ownership of the analysis and clarifies that the analysis was at the behest of the Customer.

4. Partnership citation

** If  you  are only purchasing Supplier’s Services, then you are a Customer not a partner. A partner offers a tangible resource or functionality to Supplier.**

The above guidance also applies to any Supplier’s business partner. Additional guidance is provided below.

Supplier’s  business partners should clearly identify their partnership with the Supplier.  Certain examples are:

  • An official reselling partner
  • A data providing partner
  • A [insert service or functionality here] partner


For any questions, please contact [email protected].

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