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[Masterclass] Elevate brand health measurement for richer insights that drive innovation

Robust, real-time brand health measurement is vital for any business trying to identify growth opportunities and risks before their competitors. And yet, so many brands avoid it or resort to using gut feelings and basic KPIs.

Join data-driven marketing experts at Brandwatch and TD Reply for a masterclass on elevating the maturity of your analysis for richer insights.

You’ll learn approaches that will help you measure the impact of your brand, products, and campaigns in ways that drive meaningful change within your business.

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Marsha Robie

Senior Solution Strategist

Steffen Hueck

Senior Director Data-Driven Innovation

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What you will learn in this webinar:

  • Real examples of innovative ways to track brand health and impact
  • How to measure across different audiences and datasets
  • Why a sophisticated monitoring system is essential for collaboration and decision speed
  • How to incorporate next-level competitor intelligence

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