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Demystifying the misconceptions of social intelligence

Social Intelligence could be the answer into the mind of your consumers.
Our guests
Ben Donkor
Social Media Analyst
Emelie Swere
Research Manager, EMEA
Hosted by
Margot Sikorski
Webinar Manager

About the Webinar

Traditional market research like surveys and focus groups are helpful, but it’s possible you aren’t getting the full picture.
In fact, there are several unique ways you can incorporate social data into your marketing mix to get a more complete view of your customers.

Join Brandwatch Research Manager, Emelie Swerre, and Ben Donkor, Social Media Analyst, Microsoft as they explore ever-changing consumer insights market. They will share useful tactics and successful use cases on how to better use social data in your marketing efforts.

What you will learn

  • How the perceptions and misconceptions of social intelligence as a less credible source of insight is misunderstood
  • How to reduce social biases and deliver robust social research
  • Real use cases on how brands are already leveraging social listening to make strategic business decisions

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