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Measuring your sponsorship ROI: What are brands like Nike and Heineken missing?

Quantifying the value of sponsorship spend of the most famous brands
Our guests
Gemma Joyce
Social Data Journalist
Kellan Terry
Senior Data Analyst
Hosted by
Margot Sikorski
Webinar Manager

About the Webinar

Every year, brands spend millions of dollars on sponsorships and endorsements. And while consumers are immersed in these experiences, how does a brand marketer truly understand the ROI of their investments?

Join experts from Brandwatch React, Gemma Joyce and Kellan Terry as they explore the new ways brands can evaluate the ROI of sponsorships and better evaluate and quantify their advertising spends. They will show you how Brandwatch’s newest product Image Insights can uncover the opportunities brands have been missing, and the new KPIs marketers should be using.

What you will learn

  • How brands like Nike and Heineken could be missing valuable sponsorships and endorsement opportunities
  • How traditional ad spend has been disrupted
  • How Image Insights adds another layer of benchmarking to justify sponsorships and endorsements

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