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Vizia 2 for Agencies

Guide your clients through digital transformation and towards customer-centricity.
Our guest
Michael Brackpool
VP Product, Vizia
Hosted by
Jim Reynolds
VP, Agency Development

About the Webinar

In a world that’s constantly changing, agencies will only succeed if they can help their clients innovate in real-time. The speed of business doesn’t have time to dig through unopened PDFs and reports buried in inboxes.

Join Michael Brackpool, VP of Product Vizia, as he explores our new Vizia 2 platform and how it can change the way your clients listen to their customers. Learn a new way to communicate your data and to share narratives, not just numbers.

Using the Vizia 2 platform, you can guide your clients through digital transformation with the customizable dashboards and visualizations fueled by data. Win new business by impressing potential clients with stunning visual storytelling.

What you will learn

  • How to put your clients’ customers at the center of their business
  • How to use Vizia 2 to innovate new ways of using data
  • How to use visual storytelling to win new business

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