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Published November 7th 2014

Marketing 101: 3 Top Tips to Write a Successful Blog Post

Sitting down to your laptop, you’re waiting to come up with a stroke of genius article… crickets! Nothing is coming to mind, it happens to the best of us...

Picture the scene. You’re sitting at your computer, you’re waiting to come up with a stroke of genius blog post article. The topic that springs to mind? Crickets. It happens to the best of us.

Not to worry, just remember a few key things when first getting started.

Who are you writing to?

The audience will determine much of where to start from. Define your audience, and then put yourself in their shoes. What would you want to know or look for if you were in their shoes? Try and see things from your audience’s perspective.

Think of a question or concern that they might have, that you have the knowledge and ability to answer. Even then, if you don’t perhaps happen to know, then research and figure it out till you got it. This will take time, but a quality article doesn’t need to be rushed. Great content takes time and nurturing.

1/ Consider what makes a great title


Once you have figured out your audience, think of an attention grabbing title.

Keep it short, sweet, and to the point. The title will be what captures the audience, so make it engaging.

Titles should establish expectations and tone for the article. Don’t lead people on with a stellar title and mediocre work. Leading people on with titles that don’t have anything to do with the content or are better than the actual article are a surefire way to have people leave your site and never return.

A title should have one keyword if it is covering one topic or subject, and no more than three if multiple subjects are being covered – don’t go too crazy.

For help with creating a killer title, observe other titles and make note of what catches your attention then analyze what worked. Remember, have fun and give your own flair to the title!


2/ Make main points stand out


When writing the main points and body of the post, the paragraphs should be no longer than three to four lines. This allows the reader to skim the article quickly. Many people are busy with the hustle and bustle of life and don’t have time to read, therefore make it skimmable.

There are a few strategies that can help content point’s standout such as:

  • Section titles: let the reader know the subtopics and help with organization
  • Bolded fonts: allow the text to make a statement and show importance
  • Italicized fonts: shows emphasis on a particular word or phrase, and can occasionally be used to define a quote as well.

3/ End with a BANG!


One strategic way of ending your post is by referring to the beginning – people often forget what was in the middle. That is why we summarize by telling them what we told them. This helps wrap things up in a nice package for the reader.

Another favorite method of closing is call to action!

By this, the writer can invite the reader to a course of action. Be clear on what you want the reader to do. Ask yourself, what is the goal of this article? For example, is the desired result to purchase, like, share, follow a link? That is the call to action.

One of my personal favorite ways of closing is to inspire the readers.

If you as a writer are able to inspire the readers, then you are a master writer and have been able to move and uplift them. After you have drawn them in with a compelling title and worked them through the story, inspiring them leaves an impressionable mark of their experience and keep them wanting more.


In summary, it is all about the reader.

Drawing them in with the title, compelling them to read on through the story or information and leaving a deep enough impression to keep them coming back. The goal of premium content marketing is to be there for customers and serving their thirst for knowledge according to their interests. Remember, this is not about you, the writer; it’s about the reader and their needs.

What other helpful tips have you seen to make a stellar blog post? We would love to hear your comments!

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