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Published February 9th 2018

Case Study: How American Airlines’ Social Hub Powers Insights to the Whole Business

In the age of viral cell phone videos and social media mishaps, how does the world’s largest airline prevent potential PR crises? Learn how Brandwatch helps American Airlines provide data for every corner of the business

No matter where you were, there’s no way you escaped the news of the three devastating hurricanes that hit the US in 2017, particularly impacting Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

Many are still reeling in the aftermath today.

Being based in Texas with another major hub in Miami, American Airlines was particularly impacted by the storms.

The airline had to manage and fix operational damages while enabling their customer service teams to properly focus their efforts where their customers needed it most.

In order to react successfully, American needed a near-perfect, real-time stream of information capable of quickly reaching several teams. That’s why they came to Brandwatch.

In our most recent case study, we learn how American was able to accomplish this and many other business objectives with their innovative social hub.

An “always-on” command center

The buzzterm “always-on” is a well-known concept in the marketing space, but American Airlines brings the mentality to every corner of their business.

American’s command centerpowered by Viziahelps the organization be on-the-pulse, so no time is wasted responding to everything from customer service issues to emergency operational situations.

The visual alerting system is my favorite aspect of Vizia, because it enables us to provide better customer service, and helps us with brand reputation management.

Beth Moreland, American Airlines

Image of American Airlines' command center
Data from millions of their customers’ conversations is funneled to their customer service, maintenance teams, and operation centers, so every team is alerted to the news that impacts them.

“…a little like a reality TV show…”

The power of American’s social hub doesn’t stop there. The social team at American Airlines also uses the visual power of Vizia to communicate day-to-day insights to employees all the way up to C-suite execs.

Even passers-by are captivated by their social hub.

People stand in front of the screens and become a bit mesmerized. It’s a little like a reality TV show in that it can even be a little addicting to watch.

Beth Moreland, Manager of Social Media Insights, American Airlines

The command center, showing trending topics, influential images shared, and real-time customer concerns, brings important consumer insights in front of every part of the business.

The capability of grabbing the attention of every employee who walks by means that across the company, American Airlines is constantly learning and listening to their customers.

The full story

American Airlines wanted a command center both powerful enough to provide 24/7  brand data to their social team and visually-appealing enough that anyone who walks by is drawn to it.

[Vizia] generates thoughts, sparks questions, and encourages engagement with our social team. Ultimately, it helps make social ‘real’ for our colleagues who don’t live and breathe it like the global communications team does.

Beth Moreland, Manager of Social Media Insights, American Airlines

Read the full story below.

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