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Published July 21st 2015

Now, Blend Social and Non-Social Data for Richer Insights with Vizia

Whether set up as a command center, in a lobby, or an executive suite, Brandwatch Vizia brings the context of social – both the voice of the customer and the marketing efforts – to the forefront in employee’s work days.

Vizia has built a common language. It’s both a format and a central node that employees depend on to bring them the most up-to-date information and keep them on the same page.

This social information is critical to understand the customer, and building a business is best when employees have strong, up-to-date understanding of their customers.

At the same time, social listening is changing: it’s going beyond keywords by combining social data with other datasets to create exponential value and drive more business decisions – social intelligence.

So if Vizia creates a common language to keep employees on the same page, and combining social data with other datasets is valuable, why not use Vizia to visualize and spread social and other critical business information across the enterprise?

Live, streaming business data – right when you need it

Starting today, Vizia can do exactly this. Live, streaming business data is now available in Vizia via the JSON tile.

The JSON Tile is built around the tenet that social has a massive impact on the business, and that impact is measurable in more places than follower counts and sentiment changes.


Likewise, business decisions made outside of a social team’s purview influences the team’s work.

So, we need a way to give the business context to social, and give a social context to the rest of the business.

The JSON Tile operates on a JSON stream to livestream any type of data within Vizia. With a few lines of code, you can have web traffic data from Google Analytics, revenue numbers from Salesforce, sales data from Stripe, or weather data from Accuweather streaming side by side with your social intelligence.

How to use it

Format the JSON, plug it into the tile, and it starts streaming live business data.

Tracking performance along your sales funnel, such as web traffic or leads, is easy:

Vizia JSON Example 1


Visualizing live sales data, revenue, profit, or margin, is simple.

Plug in Salesforce or your preferred API to see sales as they come in:

Vizia JSON Example 2


What about share? Which region is pulling the most sales in the razors category?

It’s easy, just duplicate the previous Tile and change the chart to doughnut type:

Vizia JSON example 3


Whatever data you’d like to integrate into Vizia – from web traffic data to weather data, you can do it via the JSON Tile with a little technical knowledge.

Is your business data under restricted access? Ask our support team and we can help you out.

We’ll be looking to build integrations in the future – watch this space!


If you’re a current Vizia user, learn how to start using the JSON Tile today.

Want to see what sets Vizia apart from the rest?

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