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Published March 5th 2019

Image Insights Update: Track Your Brand Logo Across the Web

Image Insights now gives you a more complete picture of where your brand logo is being shared online. Track logos across news sites, blogs, and forums as well as Twitter and Instagram.

80% of images online containing a logo don’t mention the brand name in the accompanying text.

With Brandwatch’s Image Insights technology, users can make sure they aren’t missing these important mentions across social media.

Now, with logo detection across all the sites Brandwatch monitors, they can see where their logos are appearing across the web and, crucially, when and how they are being depicted in the mainstream news media.

Understand your global brand visibility

Monitoring your brand logo on these new sites couldn’t be simpler. Logo queries you have set up can be filtered by each site type allowing you to understand where exactly your logos are appearing.

See how your brand compares with the competition when it comes to visibility in the media and spot trending stories in the spikes in your data.

You can also set up automatic alerts to find out if your logo is used by important news outlets or appears in articles about specific topics.

Image Insights also allows you to compare the kinds of stories that your logo is being pictured alongside.

For example, you can identify the people in the news stories who might be wearing your branded clothing or standing in front of your logo.

Detect negative brand associations

Unfortunately, having a popular, visible brand can sometimes have its downsides.

Problematic associations can be formed if a logo appears in a news story on a controversial or negative topic.

This is a particular problem for monitoring if the brand itself is not the subject of the story but is prominent in the images. Without logo detection technology, it won’t be picked up.

The brand might not be mentioned at all in the original article but, ever since photojournalism began, it’s the images in the news that stick with us.

In the social age, these images are re-shared rapidly and details like this can be quickly picked up on.

Detecting these early on can give a brand time to form an appropriate response or anticipate a public reaction.

This new data is now available to all Image Insights customers. Request a demo today to see Image Insights in action.

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