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Online Trends

Published May 19th 2016

React: Twitter’s Top 20 Most Influential My Little Pony Fans

Brandwatch uses Audiences to identify Twitter's top 20 most influential My Little Pony fans.

The latest in our series of analyses of enormous internet fandoms has arrived. This time, we’re tackling influential My Little Pony fans.

My Little Pony fans come in all shapes and sizes.

While you might expect most of them to be under a meter high and watching it with a carton of milk and a cookie when they get back home from school, a whole new demographic has become interested in the series.

May light shine for you Bronies
Have a good day Bronies and Pegasisters
?????#brony ????? pic.twitter.com/mHiRqQtVR1
— Iove_All_Brony (@Iove_All_Brony) May 14, 2016

This new and growing part of the fandom has a bad rep. And in some cases (having ourselves delved into the darkest corners of Twitter to carry out this research) that’s probably justified.

But not everyone’s posting inappropriate images involving cartoon horses.

With this increasingly diverse set of people tweeting about My Little Pony (MLP), there are also increasingly diverse ways of spelling their name: “brony?” “bronie?” Urban Dictionary acknowledges that there are multiple spellings and suggests that the term “brony” typically refers to male fans of the show, although we found multiple females using the term to describe themselves.

Meanwhile, “pegasister” is also a popular name for female MLP fans. We’ll move forward on a case-by-case basis.

MLP fandom includes fans of all ages from across the world, and many convene at huge MLP conferences and events throughout the year.

We decided to use Audiences to identify the most influential accounts tweeting about My Little Pony.

Not got all day? Skip to the top 10.


Profiles with Bronie, Brony, Pegasister, MLP or My Little Pony in their bios were ranked according to a selection of criteria that was added together to create an influence score.

While followers, inclusion on Twitter lists, retweets and replies will help, the more influential the people they engage with, the better the score, (although we removed accounts with NSFW content and those which didn’t have any MLP related tweets in their recent history).

Here are the accounts that scored highest.

20. Everfree Northwest @EverfreeNW

Trotting along at number 20 is the Twitter account for Seattle’s popular 3-day-long MLP fan conference. With 8.7k followers it’s not to be sniffed at.

Thanks fam, it was awesome! We hope your table went well! :D https://t.co/TROxOEgfTE
— Everfree Northwest (@EverfreeNW) May 17, 2016

19. ACRacebest @ACRacebest

Behind the wildly popular “Bronies React” YouTube series, this account has some major clout in the Brony community.

Their appearance at @EverfreeNW got them plenty of happy tweets.

A wild @ACRacebest prepared to attack at @EverfreeNW #MLP #Brony #EverfreeNW pic.twitter.com/qRPY6cAMln
— Mic Check (@CanterlotRadio) May 17, 2016

18. Alex Throndson @AlexanderThrond

This MLP blogger’s Twitter account is a homage to their love of the show.

… should I get this? https://t.co/5AqQPDzwwK
— Alex Throndson (@AlexanderThrond) May 15, 2016

17. Andy Price @AndyPriceArt

Andy is an artist for My Little Pony.

Join the gals and me this year at @BABSCon and @BronyCon !! pic.twitter.com/qKm6dSzP7n
— Andy Price (@AndyPriceArt) April 8, 2016

16. Tyler Nastuk @CartoonFanBoy

Tyler is a 25-year-old gamer and MLP fan with dreams of being a voice actor. This upbeat account is full of classic game content as well as the odd MLP post.

I’m off to bed now. Night! pic.twitter.com/Xo7l16UdMI
— Tyler Nastuk (@CartoonFanBoy) May 18, 2016

15. BigPony Network® @BigPonyOfficial

Also a big fan of League of Legends, BigPony Network also finds plenty of time to tweet about MLP.

This is the cutest thing ever! #brony @Real_MarblePie pic.twitter.com/qVSjAPuUiz
— ►BigPony Network®◄ (@BigPonyOfficial) May 15, 2016

14. Agnes Garbowska @AgnesGarbowska

Agnes is an artist for My Little Pony, but that doesn’t stop her doing amazing drawings of other things she loves.

Little Corgi Captain America…cause why not. Created in @mangastudio.#captainamerica #civilwar #avengers #steverpic.twitter.com/5MwfIodMDH
— Agnes Garbowska (@AgnesGarbowska) May 11, 2016

13. Betos Garcia @eagc7

Also a big fan of Transformers and Marvel, Betos Garcia also shares their favorite MLP images.

by CelestiaTheGreatest@johndelancie @mouthnoize #LionKing #MyLittlePony #MLP #Brony #Disney #Discord #Celestia pic.twitter.com/hCW3UXlY2F
— Betos Garcia (@eagc7) March 14, 2015

12. Shadow Wing @milleraustin321

More retweeting than their own tweets, but they retweet like crazy.

Apple Family Reunion pic.twitter.com/EklvluwW8k
— Emergency Pony (@EmergencyPony) May 18, 2016

11. Cathy Weseluck @CathyWeseluck

Cathy is a voice actor featured in My Little Pony. She’s not exactly a prolific tweeter but she’s got a sizeable following.

Challenges lately; all to b overcome. My heart felt regrets missing u all @PonyconNYC. Brohoofs! I will be back ;) pic.twitter.com/pdnVF72k9p
— Cathy Weseluck (@CathyWeseluck) February 10, 2016

10. Daniel Ingram @dannyimusic

Daniel Ingram is a composer for MLP, earning him a whole lot of engagement.

The Luna’s Future song in today’s #MLP6 episode was sung by the fantastic @AlomaSteele!
— Daniel Ingram (@dannyimusic) May 14, 2016

9. Nora Mermaid @Nora_Mermaid

Aside from being a massive fan of @BlackGryph0n, Nora Mermaid loves retweeting their favorite MLP content.

GLITTER PIE!!!! pic.twitter.com/YBMIkzmg0b
— Nora Mermaid (@Nora_Mermaid) May 14, 2016

8. Jeremy Whitley @jrome58

As a regular writer for MLP, Jeremy Whitley has definitely got some big influence in the MLP Twitter community.

I’ve never been prouder of my daughter than when she gave away her Rarity toy to the little boy who wanted and MLP toy and got a Transformer
— Jeremy Whitley (@jrome58) May 17, 2016

7. Peter New @ActorPeterNew

Peter New is a voice actor for MLP, playing “Big Mac”.

Anyone else excited for @EverfreeNW ?
— Peter New (@ActorPeterNew) May 13, 2016

6. Senpai of Toonami! @shdwpny

This account loves games and anime and tweets almost endlessly about their favorite shows.

Goodnight everyone take care. <3 #Offline4Sleep #MLPFIM pic.twitter.com/tWca0eOuEm
— Senpai of Toonami! (@shdwpny) May 16, 2016

5. The Biggest Jerk @TheBiggestJim

As Supervising Director for MLP, “Big Jim” likes sharing the production process with his followers.

We all really tried hard to make an episode that folks will want to watch EVERY Christmas. Hopefully we succeeded. #MLPSeason6
— The Biggest Jerk (@TheBiggestJim) May 14, 2016

4. BronyCon @BronyCon

The official account of the huge MLP fan gathering BronyCon has a talent for generating hype, galloping in at number four.

Come meet the “Mane Six” all in-person only at #BronyCon5 this July! We’re so excited to have all the wonderful ladies with us :D
— BronyCon (@BronyCon) May 17, 2016

3. Michelle Creber (@MichelleCreber)

With 24.2k followers, Creber is a MLP star. As the speaking/singing voice of “Apple Bloom” and the singing voice of “Sweetie Belle” on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, you could probably predict Creber would appear in the top 10 at some point. 

The #GettingStrongerAlbum is now out on iTunes!! @BlackGryph0n WOOO pic.twitter.com/PuK6PDpxZB
— Michelle Creber (@MichelleCreber) May 13, 2016

2. My Little Pony (@MyLittlePony)

You might be a little surprised to see the My Little Pony Twitter handle hasn’t taken the top spot, but that might have something to do with the fact that they haven’t tweeted since 2014 and aren’t even verified.

#PonyConfidential: Be sure to celebrate The Year of the Horse with a #MLP Chinese New Year Pony! Only at @toysrus: http://t.co/upDb1cHQtZ
— My Little Pony (@MyLittlePony) January 4, 2014

1. BEN PATRICK JOHNSON (@benpatrick90069)

With 607,000 followers, it was always going to be hard to beat actor and political activist Ben Patrick Johnson. He’s also a brony. Who knew?

Giving you #brony#realness in a custom #skank shirt by @catherinedairpic.twitter.com/s1df9OSO3p
— BEN PATRICK JOHNSON (@benpatrick90069) October 8, 2014

That’s our analysis of the most influential tweeters in the My Little Pony fandom. Do you think we missed someone? Let us know!

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