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Published August 9th 2022

Introducing Our New Shopify Integration

We’ve added Shopify Analytics to Influence, allowing e-commerce managers to analyze ROI, pinpoint best-selling products, and identify top performing influencers.

If you’re working in e-commerce, you probably already know that influencer marketing is quickly becoming an integral element in any webshop’s marketing strategy.

In fact, according to a new study by Oracle, 80% of consumers have purchased products in direct response to relevant social media content, while 37% of consumers said they trust social media influencers over brands.

Working directly with influencers to promote your products, distribute discount codes, or tease upcoming launches is proving a highly effective tactic for reaching relevant audiences and generating more sales.

That’s why we are excited to announce several new Shopify features in our Influence product, supporting the wider e-commerce use case.

Users of Brandwatch Influence who connect their Shopify accounts can now associate coupon codes and referral parameters to specific influencers, allowing them to see exactly how many sales – and how much revenue – was generated by their influencer marketing campaigns.

Once Shopify is connected, your campaign performance reports in Influence are augmented with multiple new data dimensions. If you work with multiple influencers, you can now see which of them perform best by metrics such as sales revenue, conversion rate, or total ROI. If you work across multiple countries, you get an overview of where your influencer sales are coming from. And if you sell multiple products, you get a breakdown of your most popular items.

All of this trickles back into your campaign reports’ top-level metrics, dynamically updating total campaign sales (while still allowing you to register revenue from other sources). This way, Influence helps you make key strategic decisions, such as which influencers to expand collaborations with or which markets to double down on.

At Brandwatch we are very excited about the disruptive impact of the creator economy on traditional disciplines like brand building, content marketing, and customer loyalty. We look forward to continuing to build out support for e-commerce use cases, and welcome your feedback along the way.

Speak to your CSM today to get your Shopify data into Brandwatch.

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