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Published October 1st 2014

We Rate It: The Top 10 Twitter Influencers at SMW London 2014

Industry experts and iconic brand all shared their advice with a big audience of digital enthusiasts at SMW. But who were the real top twitter influencers?

Senior marketers, entrepreneurs and influencers, all representing different industries from technology to advertising, gathered once again last week to share ideas and inspiration.

Social Media Week 2014 has come to an end we at Brandwatch were incredibly excited to be part of it.

Not only were we proud sponsors of the event, but we also hosted a session – “The future of social intelligence” – lead by our CMO, Will McInnes. Our theme this year was #myinfluencer, so all participants who visited our booth were invited to write the name of their influencer on a sticker of choice and stick it on our booth. In return, everyone got a yummy bag of sweeties.

Talking about influencers, throughout the week, our dataviz displayed in real time cool insights on Total Buzz, Most Mentioned Tweeters and most Popular Hashtags at Social Media Week.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 9.26.33 AM

We kept an eye on every tweet, so now at the end of the one-week conference we can officially state that Mumbai was number one in terms of buzz, followed by London and Rome.

The most popular hashtags were: #SMWMumbai, #smwldn and #smw14 (see table/chart below)

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 9.28.31 AM

Top industry experts, iconic brands and leading influencers shared their expertise and advice with a global audience of digital enthusiasts.

But who were the most active and influential tweeters at SMW London?

As we do love a good list, we found that these are the top 10 influencers – those who tweeted the most at SMW London last week ranked by their impact score – and their most popular tweets:

1/ Jemima Gibbons (@JemimaG)

Jemima Gibbons

2/ Ramat Tejani (@Ramat_Tejani)

Ramat Tejani

3/ Andrew W. Ellis (@drewellis)

Andrew Ellis

4/ Nat Schooler (@NatSchooler)

Nat Schooler

5/ Dean Samways (@Deanways)

Dean Samways

6/ Rhys Howell (@rhys_isterix)

Rhys Howell

7/ Dan Spicer (@DanSpicer)

Dan Spicer

8/ Benjamin Barrier (@benjaminbarrier)

Benjamin Barrier

9/ Ehsan Khodarahmi (@eksays)


10/ Joy Abella (@joyabella)



We’ve also had a look at the Most Mentioned Tweeters in relation to SMW London, which can be found in our dataviz. While they haven’t necessarily been tweeting the most, they clearly made an impact on the crowd.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 10.20.14 AM

With events taking place across five continents, nine countries, eleven cities and hundreds of venues, it’s no wonder that SMW proved to be a hit with thousands of attendees across the globe.

We’d love to hear about your Social Media Week experience: Which was your favourite session? Who is the person who had the strongest impact on you, who’s your influencer?


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