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Covid-19 Data Bulletin

We’ve been sending our subscribers daily covid-19 email bulletins since 20/03/2020. Here you can browse all of our previous daily updates.

August 28th 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 28/08: A Bulletin Announcement

Welcome back. Today we’re announcing some big and exciting changes to our bulletins. Don’t want to miss what’s coming? Click subscribe.

August 26th 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 0105

Welcome to today’s bulletin. This time we’re taking another look at student returning to school and the apprehension coming with it. Don’t miss our future bulletins by clicking th...

August 24th 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 0104

Today we’re revisiting a topic many of us have become very familiar with in recent months.

August 21st 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 0103

Happy Friday! Today we’re checking in on how consumers have adopted protective measures and what they expect from stores.

August 19th 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 0102

Welcome back. Today we’re taking a look at the urge to go on holiday, and the worries about the consequences. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any future bulletins.

August 17th 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 0101

Welcome back, we hope you had a good weekend. Today we’re looking at pandemic drinking habits, and how you can use hangovers to track world events. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don&...

August 14th 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 0100

Today we reach an important milestone, so we’ll be updating you on the future of the bulletin, and giving you some feel-good Friday stats. Want to get our bulletins in the future? Click below.

August 13th 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 099

Welcome back. Today we’re looking at brand purpose, if it’s worth the effort, and how it fits into a Covid-19 world. Don’t miss any future bulletins by subscribing below.

August 12th 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 098

Welcome back. Today we’re looking at optimism levels and how they differ from country to country. Want to get these bulletins each week day? Subscribe below.

August 11th 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 097

Welcome back. Today we’re looking at how movement in our cities has changed since the pandemic, and which modes of transport people are turning to. Don’t want to miss our bulletins? Sub...

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