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Tesla’s Data-Driven Strategy Finds Success with ClowderTank and Brandwatch Analytics

Social data and analysis prove their worth in Latin America market expansion strategy


Brighton, July 18, 2016 — Brandwatch, the social intelligence industry flagship, powered the social insights uncovered by specialist agency ClowderTank as it tackled American automotive and energy storage company Tesla Motors’ expansion within the Latin American market. To read the complete Brandwatch case study, visit:


After establishing its Mexican presence in December 2015, Tesla looked to expand within the Latin American market with a data-driven strategy cultivated with ClowderTank and Brandwatch Analytics. Already boasting the fifth best online presence among automakers, Tesla approached the expansion by identifying questions aligned with business objectives. The social conversation around gas-powered, electric and hybrid vehicles would be of the utmost importance as Tesla set out to engage with potential customers in the region.


Insights from Brandwatch Analytics suggested that the Latin American conversation had migrated from hybrid cars to electric. A deeper conversational analysis found that many social mentions would use the term “Hybrid” despite actually discussing electric vehicles. The social data also revealed that the most frequently discussed topic around electric cars was the environment and conservation issues, while secondary themes included  the automotive technology and price of Tesla vehicles.


Retrospectively, Tesla learned that Mexico was the right nation to establish its Latin American business. Insights from social data using Brandwatch Analytics uncovered that Mexico was the country with the largest conversation around eco-friendly vehicles  and the Tesla brand itself. The social data also highlighted governmental incentives and promotional tariffs to drive electric vehicles. Over two months of active social listening and deep analytics uncovered additional countries in Latin America that were discussing Tesla and electric cars, behind Mexico’s stronghold on the conversation: Colombia and Argentina.


“At ClowderTank we’re big fans of innovation in general and particularly of the ingenuity of Tesla Motors and Elon Musk, one of the great innovators of our time,” said ClowderTank CEO, Gonzalo Alonso. “With an innovation-first mindset, we set out to discover the resonance of Tesla Motors’ efforts to break into the Latin American market for electric cars.”


When asked about the complexity of the analysis of this case study, Alonso said, “ClowderTank is a data-driven company, and we need to filter out the noise that occurs in social conversation in order to get the most useful business intelligence from social listening. It’s vital to have the strongest, cleanest, set of data when making the strategic business decisions, both within our agency and for our clients.”


For more insights on the Latin American automotive market, download the free case study



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The Brandwatch Analytics platform gathers millions of online conversations every day and provides users with the tools to analyze them, empowering the world’s most admired brands and agencies to make insightful, data-driven business decisions. Vizia distributes visually-engaging insights to the physical places where the action happens.


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Tesla Motors was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers in Silicon Valley who wanted to prove that electric cars could be better than gasoline-powered cars. With instant torque, incredible power, and zero emissions, Tesla’s products would be cars without compromise. Each new generation would be increasingly affordable, helping the company work towards its mission: to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transport.


Tesla is not just an automaker, but also a technology and design company with a focus on energy innovation. Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.



ClowderTank is the first consultancy firm specialised in digital transformation of businesses in Latin America, and its aim is to help companies identify and bridge their digital gap.

Its professional team includes a dedicated group of consultants, researchers and specialists who monitor and analyse social data. With the business intelligence it gets, ClowderTank designs strategies that allow for the automated and data-based identification of potential clients and of the right way to help all their clients achieve and exceed their business objectives.


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