Live Webinar: Discover the future of market research

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Live Webinar: Discover the future of market research

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Competitor Analysis

Benchmark your marketing performance and brand awareness against all of your competitors. Discover deeper consumer insights that can inform corporate competitive strategy.

Measure your share of voice

Get real-time insight on the size of your online presence relative to your competitors, over any given timeframe.

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Understand brand perception

As customer experience becomes a vital differentiator for purchase decisions, benchmark where, when and how customers talk about your brand vs. your competitors.

Dive deeper into sentiment

Uncover new opportunities and brand risks. Measuring customer perceptions and sentiment instantly helps add context to your competitor analysis.

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“We utilized custom Alerts and Signals on this query so that we were being kept abreast of any developments. The main thing I was looking for in this instance was that no other grocer was being associated with the trend at this point; I didn’t want any of our competitors being in there, because we wanted to be the only one, or at least the leading one, if we were able to actually activate a viral campaign.”

— Jordan McDowell, Co-op

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