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Content Strategy

Create authentic, personalized content that will catch and convert your target audiences' attention in an infinitely scrolling world. With social sharing declining and news feed algorithms creating chaos, marketers need to build and nurture loyal, engaged audiences to ensure content success.

Discover audience content affinities

Understand what highly varied consumers care about by breaking down conversations automatically and seeing the content that resonates specifically with them.

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Measure what performs best

Analyze the top trending articles for any industry or topic. Monitor your own content performance and benchmark against your competitors.

Amplify your content to the right people

Identify audience-specific influencers and creators to collaborate with. Promote your content with precision audience targeting at the click of a button with Twitter Ads.

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“The Audiences-created list we’ve developed helps us stay in the know about what’s relevant for our consumers at the moment. It’s a powerful source of real-time insight allowing us to quickly react through our brands to engage and create relevant content.”

— Linda Hoeberigs, Unilever

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