10 Powerful Ecommerce Marketing Trends for the Future Marketing

By Kinjal Adeshara on March 3rd 2014

Ecommerce marketing has come a long way in the last 15 years. As technology continues at a rapid pace, pioneering ecommerce stores harness new techniques and facilities to make online selling and online shopping a lot more efficient and fun.

In the last few years we have seen most online retailers make a beeline for guest blogging, website optimization for higher CTR & conversation rates, responsive design, and general improvement in site performance.

There have been many developments in the field of technology since then, most notably in the field of mobile, social networking, big data, analytics and personalization.

These changes have begun to give rise to new trends in the world of ecommerce marketing.

Let’s cut to the chase and take a look at the changes that are most likely to be seen in the field of ecommerce marketing.

1. Mobile Optimized not just Mobile Friendly

Mobile shopping is becoming more and more important.

While 2013 saw responsive web design spread like wildfire, going forward we are bound to see an improvement in mobile shopping experiences.

The first step was to create sites that worked decently on mobile – now we will see online store owners scrambling to build sites that positively blossom on smartphones and tablets.

2. Mobile Advertising

Not only will ecommerce websites render a lot better on mobiles, but a larger number of mobile store owners will also start advertising their products and services on mobiles. Mobile advertising is getting more popular day by day, and branded ecommerce store owners are going to be among the first big spenders on mobile ads.

While smaller store owners may not jump on the bandwagon yet, larger stores will make an attempt to get reach as many mobile users as possible. We will also see rise in video mobile ads that have the potential go viral on social networks.


3. Targeting Wearable Devices

While Google Glasses, smart watches and other wearable devices are yet to take off in a big way, many more such products are set to enter the market in the future.

If such devices become widely popular, we can expect retailers as well as ecommerce stores to shower discounts, promotions, offers and updates to their customers through wearable devices.

4. Rise of Long-form Content

Google’s red eye at link-building using guest blogging will push ecommerce marketers to create better and more targeted content. We will see the rise of long-form content that is more closely related to the products and services offered by the stores.

In addition to articles and blog posts, the length of videos and podcast will also see more takers. The easy availability of analytics and data will lead to creation of more data-based content.

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 12.32.35

5. More Social and Search Ads

With Google making it more difficult for content marketers to benefit from link building through guest blogging, more will turn towards social media and search ads for revenue.

Targeted social media ads are getting more effective, and this will drive a large PPC and CPC ads experiment in small and large ecommerce companies.

6. Brand and Author Identity will Become More Important

While Google Authorship’s branding opportunities for smaller business were well understood even last year, the death of large-scale guest blogging suggests that a digital brand – both for authors and businesses – is imperative in the coming years.

Traditional, anonymous SEO won’t work that well. Ecommerce stores and marketers will try to create high-quality communities and blogs to further their marketing efforts. A brand blog plus a team of well-known bloggers will become invaluable for ecommerce businesses.

7. Personalized Experiences

Online stores have been serving personalized ads to prospective users since years. Many online stores also use personalized product displays and suggestion for registered users.

As users become more comfortable with sharing some personal information with brands and trusted online stores, we will see store owners make more efforts to offer a more meaningful personalization to users.

ecommerce coke advert

8. Better Delivery

Amazon’s sci-fi sounding drone delivery project is a step towards improving the delivery cycle.

The biggest annoyance of ordering online is that you have to wait for 2 days to 2 weeks for the product to arrive. It is possible for users to go to a store and get with right there and then. We have continued to see the large online stores do more to reduce delivery times and offer more shipping options.

We have already seen the next-day-delivery options in shipping options for local stores and larger ecommerce stores and reducing delivery times is a priority for all ecommerce websites. The rollout of Amazon Prime Now is just the latest attempt to make online shopping easier.

9. Local Branding and Marketing

As larger ecommerce websites offer newer facilities and features and try out new ways of attracting customers, smaller stores will turn to local base to survive.

Smaller ecommerce store owners will use traditional SEO to target customers in a limited geographic area and combine it with social media engagement to personalize relations with local customers. Their branding and marketing strategy will revolve around points that differentiate them from large vendors.

10. Marketing Automation

Online shoppers are notorious for browsing around for a long time and leaving the store without buying. Personalized and targeted marketing can help turn them into paying customers.

Marketing automation has been around for a long time, and the trend of using such solutions will continue to rise. More and more steps of lead nurturing, remarketing, email personalization and analytics will be automated, helping even small online store owners get better insights and convert more customers.

These are some of the most important trends that will have a huge impact on ecommerce marketing in the future.

As you can see, some of the trends have been gaining steam for years: mobile, paid ads, personalization and marketing automation.

While other trends like speedy delivery, wearable tech and importance of brand identity are just beginning to gain traction. 

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Kinjal Adeshara


Kinjal has been helping ecommerce website owners improve efficiency of their websites and boost sales since last 5 years. Currently, she is working with Cygnet Infotech, an ISO Certified company providing end-to-end ecommerce solution to businesses.

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  • Great overview Kinjal! And spot on – I would place my bets on your forecasts. Couldnt agree more also on the rise of long-form content – content marketing has been too much about “snackable” items only

  • Kinjal

    I appreciate your comment and thanks for your motivating words. I’m glad you liked the post.

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  • aditya bhatkal

    Hi Kinjal.

    Thanks for the article. It is pretty detailed and covers keen points of the ecommerce industry.

    The ecommerce industry especially in a population rich and growingly connected country like India is on a massive growth trajectory and the average market size is highly expanding.

    In the light of this standing out and having your brand known to the world is what will crate the edge.

    Here’s an extension to the ideology above that I’ve covered that the readers would also like to read.


  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Aditya. Your post is pretty detailed too!

    The ecommerce industry is here to stay. In fact, the evolution in India has been quite remarkable over the last few years. eBay, for example, has come a long way since they entered India nine years ago through the acquisition of Baazee! Given the size of the addressable market, I’m curious to see what the future holds for this fast-growing industry.

    – Iris

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  • samuel reu flores

    One thing I’ve learned from http://blog.3dcart.com/ posts is that the website of a business and a shopping cart solution are important factors in sales.

    It’s wise to invest in any mode of marketing but also keep in mind that marketing without a complete ecommerce solution would never lead to sales.

    In short, marketing+ complete ecommerce solution = SALES

  • Hi Kinjal , Thanks for sharing your great thoughts , i like your first point mobile optimized not just mobile friendly, now in 2014 every website should be responsive design website.if any one making new website then design should be responsive. Download responsive designs from here.

  • I think delivery using drones has been getting a lot of attention, thanks to Amazon, but I feel it’s still premature to start expecting drone-delivery on a large scale yet. Long form content & rising importance of marketing automation will continue gaining importance to convert browsers to shoppers. Good post!

  • Singh Daljit

    Hi Kinjal great article, but as per my understanding you have missed one important aspect of eCommerce marketing i.e Multichannel shopping carts. These carts allow you to integrate your eCommerce website with other marketplace stores like eBay and Amazon. I believe that is awesome thing to manage inventory and orders from one point and have visibility on different platforms. One nice example is http://www.infiniteecommerce.in

  • Here’s a great resource…a timeline of the Top 20 Most Notable E-commerce Moments. From pizza to books to shoes, e-commerce has captured our credit card bills and doorsteps for 20 years. Let’s see what the future holds! http://bit.ly/1AP5vD0

  • Hooray for detail…great post..we’ll see how this year ends out.

  • I agree with others that this is a great list and keen observations, Kinjal. From a personal experience, speedy delivery of content and low data usage are key. Also, websites should have responsive design by now. It’s shocking to see how many major brands don’t have mobile friendly sites (with quick links to directions, etc., for on-the-go users) and streamlined navigation for cell phone display.

    Thanks for pulling this together and I look forward to sharing it!


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  • Srini

    The growth of mobile and localisation of content for mobile devices is definitely a big trend this year. From personal experience working with brands, many brands don’t have the basics covered such as having a mobile friendly website to take advantage of the trends of the future.
    I have created a Linkedin group for eCommerce marketing professionals and eCommerce site owners to share best practice, ideas and tips and keep up to date with whats happening in the industry. You can join here:-

  • Great, thanks for sharing Shrini. I’ll have a look.

  • Loved the list, there’s also a great free eCommerce conversion checklist here http://www.advancedconversion.com which i’ve found useful for getting increases in engagment and revenue.

  • eCommerce web design is all about the user experience and conversion! This is definitely easier said than done and there are many factors that must be considered when creating an eCommerce website. Visitors should be able to navigate the website and make a purchase effortlessly – all while enjoying the process from start to finish.

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  • Abhishek Shende

    agreed, but the best one ever is yet to come “Anticipatory Shipping” by amazon which would use predictive analytics and amazon would be able to ship products even before the order is placed…….
    Beat this Minority Report level Sci-Fi……. :)

  • yeah these trends has dominates ecommerce industry in 2014..

    Dhivya from Bizbilla

  • Thanks Dhivya. This month we’ll be sharing some more social media and ecommerce trends on our blog. Stay tuned!

  • Thanks Asya. I think most of these are spot on :) Curious to see what will happen this year!

  • sure Iris i’ll be stay here…

    Dhivya from Bizbilla

  • Allen

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  • Dan

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  • I like the entire article
    Thank you

  • riz

    Definitely some things to watch out for and learn more about. :) Very informative post. Thanks!