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Published December 17th 2014

5 Ways To Use Charting by Minute for Community Management

As you might already know, last week we launched a new Brandwatch feature: Minute-by-minute charting. Now, for the first time, you can understand buzz on a moment-by-moment basis, showing the exact moments provoking peaks in conversation, sentiment and topic changes and shining a light on new audiences to engage with.

This can prove particularly useful for analysing buzz around TV shows, live events and advert slots.

In previous posts, we covered how to comprehend the impact of TV with minute-by-minute analysis and how to track online trends. In this next use case we’ll illustrate how community managers can make the most of this brand new feature.

There are plenty of ways it can make your life easier for community management, but in this post we’ll be doing a deep dive into the top five use cases. Let’s go!

 1. Optimise your scheduling on social channels


With Brandwatch’s new charting by ‘hour of day’, you can understand the time of the day when your audience are most likely to engage with your posts on each of your social channels.

You can now optimise your scheduling accordingly and be more proactive at peak times, when your online communities are ready to take part in online conversations.


For us, as illustrated in the graph above, 2-4 PM GMT is the optimum time frame for sharing the most important news, content and updates on our social channels. Bearing this in mind, we make sure our posts will reach as many members of our community as possible.

 2. Plan future content more strategically


Analysing key insights such as trends, topics, demographics and sentiment of conversation at particular times during TV shows, ads and live events can help you plan future content better by learning the exact moments that generate conversation.


  3. Release content at optimum times


Here at Brandwatch, we release a large variety of types of content (case studies, eBooks, industry reports etc.) on a monthly basis. But how do we decide which is the best time for publishing new content?

As we love dog fooding, we’ve been using our own platform to discover in which day of the week we are most likely to get high numbers of shares and engagement on our posts.

As shown in the chart below, Tuesday is our top day!


 4. Track owned vs earned media


Your earned media – conversations about your brand – and responses to your owned media can reveal many useful insights about the effectiveness of your strategy, and into the interests and preferences of your target audience.

With charting by minute, you can understand the impact of your owned media minute by minute, become more familiar with what resonates with your community and make sure you synchronise your online activity with your audience’s.


 5. Monitor the most influential members of your community and engage


Influential members of your community can have a big impact on driving conversation about your brand. Keeping an eye on what they have to say and their peak times of activity can definitely help you stand out.

Equipped with all that knowledge and ready to interact with them, you’ve got the opportunity to boost your online engagement rates.

Mastering how to use minute-by-minute charting for managing your online communities is vital to developing an effective social media strategy.

Tracking how sentiment, topics of conversation, or trends change, in real time can definitely help you boost your online presence and get a better understanding of your audiences.

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