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Published March 6th 2018

Which Brands Deliver the Best Customer Experience?

We analyzed 10 million real customer conversations to find out which brands offer best-in-class customer experience. From the emotions your brand elicits, to the service you provide, how does your customer experience rank?

We use social media as an outlet to vent our frustrations.

We use social media to research brands and get suggestions before we purchase products.

We reach out to brands on social media, and expect them to respond to us.

As a reflection of both a brand’s promise and a commitment to customer service, social media is every company’s main channel for showcasing customer experience.

But which brands are truly making the most of social media? And, how do you compare? We explore this, and more, in our most recent report.

How we measured CX using social listening

Since CX can affect every part of the customer journey, we didn’t want to focus on just one thing.

So first, to gauge the first impression that people feel about the brands, we analyzed general emotions and sentiment and found which brands got the most positive brand chatter.

To see how valuable customers believe these brands were, we counted how many people were ready to purchase from these companies.

And to see which brands provide A+ service to their customers, we measured how responsive brands were on social media, and how quickly people could expect a response back.

Some insights we learned

In addition to understanding the global competitive landscape better, there were some interesting trends we found when we dug into the customer experience conversation online.

People love luxury

Interestingly, conversations around luxury brands were by far the happiest.

Specifically, Dolce & Gabbana, Lexus, Versace, Chanel, and Cartier all make it to the top 10 most pleasing brands.

The conversation around fashion industry as a whole is over 86% positive, the most positive industry overall.

Airline and telecom brands are most responsive

The brands that respond to the most customer mentions on social media usually come from telecom brands or airlines.

Given the high volume of customer service questions and concerns these two industries get, brands are encouraged to be proactive in responding to these complaints online.

So unsurprisingly, the three most responsive brands across all 220 brands we compared were all telecommunication brands: Virgin Media, ClaroBrasil, and Vodafone.

Chanel and Dior are desired nearly equally

We analyzed over 50,000 audience mentions of Chanel and Dior on social media in the month of January.

Shockingly, their customers discussed wanting those brands at almost identical rates, with one brand getting only one more mention than the other in the time period we looked at.

You won’t believe which one. Read the report to find out which. 👗

The winners

There were two clear leaders of all 220 brands we analyzed. In terms of emotions, value, and service, T-Mobile and American Airlines stood out.

In the report, we go into depth about how both companies strategically invest in customer experience from the top down, and how both of those investments translate into tangible results in their social presence.

The full report

We ranked 220 of the biggest international brands, in 11 different sectors, based of the emotions, value, and service they provide.

It was clear which brands stood out. Take a look.

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