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Published January 30th 2019

Which Brands Deliver the Best Customer Experience?

For the second year, we analyzed 17 million real customer conversations about 240 brands to find out which offer best-in-class customer experience.

We use social media as an outlet to vent our frustrations.

We use social media to research brands and get suggestions before we purchase products.

We reach out to brands on social media, and expect them to respond to us.

As a reflection of both a brand’s promise and a commitment to customer service, social media should be every company’s main channel for showcasing the best kinds of customer experience.

But which brands are truly making the most of social media? And, how do you compare? We explore this, and more, in our most recent report.

How we measured CX using social listening

Since CX can affect every part of the customer journey, we didn’t want to focus on just one thing. So first, to gauge how people feel about the brands, we analyzed general emotions and sentiment and found which brands got the most positive brand chatter.

To see how valuable customers believe the brands were, we counted how many people were ready to purchase from them.

And to see which brands provide A+ service to their customers, we measured how responsive brands were on social media, and how quickly people could expect a response back.

For more information on this, read our report.

The best brands for CX

Some brands moved up, and some brands moved down. Through it all, these brands stood out this year in terms of CX:

10. Southwest Airlines

Due to the fast-paced and issue-prone nature of the industry, airlines tend to invest more in social customer care than brands in other industries. Southwest’s investment was bigger than most, putting them in the #10 spot.

9. Dove

In addition to responding to a relatively high percentage of customer @mentions, Dove was also the 28th most positively discussed brand we analyzed.

8. Delta Air Lines

Agai,n like the airline industry on average, Delta was driven to the top by their general responsiveness. However, their ability to respond to nearly 30% of all @ mentions squeezed them past competitor Southwest, placing them ahead of all other airlines.

7. Stradivarius

Driven primarily by positive comments from their customers, Stradivarius clothing manufacturer leads all other apparel brands in terms of CX.

6. Stella Artois

Stella Artois was a well-balanced all-rounder in the metrics we studied, and is the only alcohol brand represented in the top ten.

5. Whataburger

As one of the most wanted and craved brands we analyzed, the relatively niche Texas burger joint closed out our top five.

4. Sephora

Customers seem to love every part of this beauty brand, from their extensive product line to their quality customer service both in-store and online (responding to most messages after ~2 hours).

Download our report to discover the top three

There were three clear winners in our report this year, but only one of them made our top 10 last year.

Take a look to find out who made it to the top three, the way these three companies invested in customer experience, and how that translated into tangible results.

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