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Published January 30th 2020

Which Brands Deliver the Best Customer Experience?

We analyzed 200 million public social media conversations about 600+ brands to find out which offer best-in-class customer experience.

Customer experience ought to be a key priority for every brand. Not only can poor customer experience put customers off – it can also lead to detractors who discourage potential new business and reduced retention.

And some brands rise above the rest, creating wonderfully positive experiences that customers go on to praise publicly.

In our recent Customer Experience Report we studied the industries and brands that generate the most positivity online, analyzing 200 million public social media mentions around 600+ brands. For brands to make the list, they had to have a high % of positive mentions from customers and at least 100k positive mentions in the six month period we studied.

Here are the top brands:

10. Dove

Among Dove’s positive mentions, we found people supporting their Self Esteem Project, as well as hashtags like #selfcare and people talking about body confidence. Dove has long been known for their campaigns in these areas.

And, of course, we also found a lot of people loving their products and talking about their nourishing qualities.

Dove goes to show that a brand can wow customers with more than quality products – mission and purpose are also important.

9. Chanel

This famous luxury fashion brand is making lots of people happy.

Bags and purses were among the most positively talked about topics, while celebrities performing at Chanel events also drove positive conversation around the brand.

Interestingly, a lot of the conversation around Chanel is aspirational – talking about intending to buy products as opposed to actually owning them.

8. Wendy’s

Wendy’s is known for its social media prowess, but we’re not hear to talk about the brand’s epic banter.

Instead, we’re looking at positive conversation from consumers – and nuggets seem to be leading the way.

7. Kia

The one and only car brand in the top 10, Kia, has been delighting consumers recently.

We found a lot of positive conversation about Kia dealerships as well as vehicles.

6. Gamestop

Gamestop is next on our list.

One interesting theme in positive conversation was people identifying with or talking nicely about Gamestop staff.

Front line employees, especially in physical stores, are a huge part of what makes for a positive customer experience.

5. Dior

We found a lot of positive conversation around Dior bags, and people are very vocal about their opinions, recommendations, and requests.

There’s so much a brand can learn about consumer preferences from studying mentions like these, from budget to occasions to competing options around purchases.

“So I decided to get the Dior saddle bag I love and I honestly think it’s the most beautiful bag in my budding collection. I have about $5K left of my birthday budget and need help! I really want jewelry but the jewelry/watches I want exceed 5K. So I’m thinking maybe another Chanel bag. Either another Boy bag or the classic flap. If not, back to the Dior store for a Lady Dior! Always wanted that bag!”Tumblr user

4. Four Seasons Hotels

Number four is Four Seasons Hotels, which seems to have made lots of people happy recently.

When it comes to hotels, people are happy to share praise for staff and positive experiences online, which makes creating excellent customer experiences all the more important for guests.

Which brands are up next?

Download our free report to discover the top three

Take a look to find out who made it to the top three, and how they got there.

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