Case Study: How Co-op Uses Brandwatch Across Different Time Frames Case Study

By Gemma Joyce on May 17th 2018

As one of the UK’s leading food retailers, and with a vast range of services including funeral care and insurance, Co-op is a huge operation with its members at its heart.

We caught up with them to see how Brandwatch’s suite of products are used to help teams across the organization, from circumstances that demand immediate insight and action, to those that need long term planning, careful execution and ongoing monitoring.

Regardless of the timeframe, Co-op is able to use Brandwatch Analytics, Audiences and Vizia to get the insights they need and distribute them to those who need to know about them.

The devil is really in the detail and the detail which we’re able to derive from Brandwatch is so much richer and so much clearer and so much more useful, we think in Co-op at least, than that which we’re able to get from other listening platforms.


Time flies

In our Co-op case study you’ll learn how the company uses Brandwatch data for:

  • Crisis management: A fire in a store set’s off Co-op’s social alarm bells
  • Monitoring competitors: A negative news story about a competitor turns into a golden opportunity for Co-op
  • Campaign ideation and monitoring: Co-op’s award winning #ReverseAdvent campaign was driven by social insights from the beginning
  • Ongoing distribution: Co-op keeps teams informed with Vizia screens sharing social and other insights across the business

Check out the case study to learn about three other ways the brand uses Brandwatch to uncover and distribute insights for people across the business.

Social insights across multiple timelines

Learn more about how Co-op uses Brandwatch’s suite of products.


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