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Published July 14th 2022

The Best Competitor Analysis Tools

Monitoring competitors can provide you with powerful insights. We list the best competitor analysis tools to help you overtake the competition.

Knowing your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses is the foundation for a good strategy. 

There is no shortage of competitor analysis tools on the market; each can offer insights relevant to a particular niche and help with competitive benchmarking

We’ve compiled a list of tools that cover a range of areas, from paid adverts to email marketing. You just need to decide which part of your competitors’ business you want to monitor.

General competitor analysis tools

While many tools target a particular niche, they analyze multiple areas of your competitors’ online marketing strategy to give you an overview of their efforts and spot potential avenues for growth.

Pi Datametrics

With Pi, you can measure the impact of your brand, product lines, and your performance against competitors after any campaign.

You can identify the “what” and the “when” by analyzing emerging trends and audience intent. This helps to influence the message and the timings of campaigns to match consumer needs.You can also use brand search intelligence data retrospectively to understand the impact of your campaigns and where they sit alongside the performance of your competitors.


With Kompyte, you can compare traffic, referrals, visitor behavior, keywords and search rankings, paid ads, and social metrics. It helps you also stay updated with competitor emails. 

You can input competitors to track or let Kompyte suggest them based on the keywords you are tracking.


SimilarWeb provides an overview of website traffic, referrals, search traffic and keywords, social media, display advertising, audience, and similar sites and apps. You can get a free trial and explore different service packages.

Social media conversation tools

Brandwatch Consumer Research

With detailed searches, categorization, rules, alerts, and over 100 million sites monitored, you can refine the platform to monitor what matters to you.

Our Facebook and Twitter channels allow you to monitor your competitors’ social media output. You can create searches to track all mentions of your competitors across the web, staying up to date with their content and news stories.

Track the entire conversation around your industry to monitor your brand’s share of voice, and sentiment around each brand, and discover new business opportunities by uncovering conversations you never knew existed. Set up Alerts and Signals to be notified of recent trends and news.

If you want to learn more about the tool contact us here.


Benchmark your social media performance against the competition for a winning social media content and engagement strategy. 

Benchmark compares your social media strategy against more than 100,000 brands across all major social media platforms, including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. It supports hundreds of social metrics and data points, including post-level metrics, audience metrics, the share of voice, reach, impressions, and engagement.

Benchmark also enables you to analyze competitors’ content to learn their content ideas and campaigns to inspire and gauge your own content strategy.

SEO and keyword analysis Tools


Spyfu can track backlinks and rankings and has a great keyword feature showing how many keywords your competitors rank for and how much their keyword focus overlaps with yours. 

Prices start from $39/month.


Ahrefs is a great SEO and keyword research tool. You can use it to see what your competitors are ranking for, how much organic traffic they’re getting, and understand what content of theirs is performing the best.

You can also compare domains to see content gaps and track specific keywords over time. There is also keyword data for sites like YouTube, Baidu, and Amazon.


The tool analyzes various metrics around keywords, paid search, and rankings. You can search 10 URLs which will show limited results. To see all the data, you’ll need to upgrade, with prices starting from $119.95/month.

Backlink analysis tools

Open Link Profiler

The tool provides a wide range of link analyzes, including an overview of backlinks, country and industry breakdown, and linkage. 

There is a free trial available so you can test the tool.

Monitor Backlinks

If you set up an account with this tool will email you new links, lost links, new competitors’ backlinks, and weekly domain changes. 

Prices start from $25/month, and a free trial is available.

Content discovery tools


BuzzSumo’s Content Analyzer allows you to search a huge database for content by entering a keyword or a competitor’s URL. You can refine the search by using filters such as publish date, content type, and shares across social sites. 

Another useful feature in BuzzSumo is the Trending content tool, which helps you to discover the articles and content making waves right now. You can choose from pre-built curated feeds covering popular topics or build your own to suit your content discovery needs. 

BuzzSumo can be used for free during the tool’s 30-day free trial, and there is also a limited free plan. More data and features are available in paid plans, starting at $99/month.


There is no shortage of news aggregator sites available. Feedly allows you to customize the sites you are following, so you can segment news and content by general industry trends, clients, and competitors. 

A browser extension exists to add sites to your feed quickly. The pricing plans start from $6/month.

Paid advert and PPC tools


The tool identifies your top PPC competitors and reveals their monthly budget and entire Google Ads strategy. 

You can access seven years’ worth of PPC and SEO keyword data. 

Prices start from $59/month.


This tool helps you see where your competitors are advertising, what their ads look like, and how effective they are. 

You can also access campaign data from 150,000 top-performing display publishers.

SERP rankings tools


This is an incredibly powerful suite of tools. As part of this suite, you can get a Searchmetrics SEO visibility score, which shows how well a domain is ranking. You can then check some competitors to see how they’re performing too.

E-commerce tool


Prisync tracks competitor prices and available stock automatically and reports this in a web dashboard or e-mail alert. This means you no longer have to continuously manually check your competitors’ websites. 

A free 14-day trial is available, paid plans start from $99/month.

A/B testing tool


Knowing when your competitors are conducting A/B tests can be invaluable. And iSpionage offers an insight into your competitors’ campaigns and approaches while giving you a warning system if they’re about to try something new. 

That’s a wrap!

Are you ready to benchmark against your competitors? Utilize the tools mentioned above and empower your social media strategy.

If you are looking for a piece of advice on our tools, contact us here.

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