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Published April 18th 2017

Dashboard Exports: Create Reports Your Boss Will Want To Steal

Brandwatch offers the most sophisticated charting of social data. Now you can export these charts, and all the data in them, straight into a presentation.

Brandwatch offers the most comprehensive and sophisticated charting of social data. And now you can export these charts, and all the data in them, straight into a beautiful, compelling presentation at the click of a button.

Create reports your boss will want to steal

Anyone familiar with the phrase “show me the numbers” knows how much time can be eaten up by copying and pasting data, resizing boxes and tweaking designs in order to create a presentable report.

It’s all very well if you’re being asked for regular reports on the same metrics. But what if you’re being asked on-the-fly questions under pressure like ‘How does this compare to last year?’ or ‘What about this new competitor?’

Answering these kinds of queries quickly is a sure way to impress. Anticipating them and sharing in depth, customized insights with the right people creates a data-led culture across your business.

It’s about creating the kind of reports your boss will remember. The kind she’ll ask to steal slides from for her next big presentation.

Dashboard Exports is a huge time saver when sending quick-fire reports around the business. We are now able to quickly share insights with teams such as our Product Managers, who like to keep track of peaks and trends in their product lines

Jared Lynn | Senior Social Media Analyst | ASOS

Always-on social intelligence

New Dashboard Exports work seamlessly with the many other ‘Speed to Insight’ features recently released on the Brandwatch platform.

Imagine you’re providing regular reports for a brand during London Fashion week but you need to react quickly to these follow up questions:

“This is good but what’s driving it?”

  • Dashboard Exports

“Have we heard of these guys before?”

  • Use the Query Wizard to collect data on a newcomer you just discovered and add them to your competitive benchmark in moments.Dashboard Exports

“Is this an improvement?”

  • Use Unlimited Historical Data to quickly rewind and show how this year’s performance compares to the last 3 years, including all the segmentation you did earlier.
Dashboard Exports

Removing the friction of collecting and presenting data allows you to feed these kinds of insights effortlessly into any process, providing context, informing team-mates. and generating confidence that you’re always acting on good, insightful information.

You’ve heard of ‘always-on marketing’; this is ‘always-on social intelligence’. Always going deeper, always telling compelling stories, and always driving action.

How it works: Faster social media reporting

The process is simple. Once a Dashboard is saved it can be exported as a PowerPoint presentation in just a few clicks.

Dashboard Exports

Presentations are built automatically using the information in your Dashboard to fill in titles, labels, date ranges and chart data.

It’s all presented in easy-to-digest, elegantly designed slides and will even divide more complex Dashboards into clearly defined sections.

Dashboard Exports

Going further: Unmatched customization

We love Dashboard Exports. We are using the feature for strategy analysis and new businesses, alongside UHD Queries. The ability to export the dashboard and edit after will save us so much time.

Sumani Duzenli | Social Media Insights Manager | Group M


Unlike tools which offer a limited number of pre-set dashboards and charting, Brandwatch offers a completely flexible array of options for intelligently visualizing your data and lets you set up unlimited Dashboards.

With Brandwatch Charts you can compare any data source or segment you like with any other, and as many as you need.

This is what makes Dashboard Exports so powerful. You can customize your reports to show exactly the right insights.

Social metrics are important but to prove social ROI you need to be able to provide them in context. By comparing the impact of a social campaign or buzz with other business metrics such as sales or web traffic, you can start telling a more convincing story and indicate truly valuable trends.

Dashboard Exports

Charts exported from Brandwatch contain the raw data. They’re not just screenshot images of your original Dashboard. This means you can edit their styles and also their content, allowing you to combine this social data with whatever you want, telling more compelling stories with your data.

Interested yet? Click below to get a demo.

In the meantime, if getting insights in front of your team is what you’re looking for and you need something bigger and bolder than slide presentations, you’re going to want to see what’s been happening with the Vizia platform…

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