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Published August 1st 2019

Image Insights Update for Brandwatch Analytics

If a picture is worth 1000 words, what are the 3 billion photos shared daily telling you about your brand?

Brandwatch Analytics (now known as Brandwatch Consumer Research) users now have access to extended image analysis capabilities. In addition to logos, Analytics now detects the objects, actions, and scenes in billions of online images.

More than 3 billion photos are shared daily on social media. When logos appear in the pictures posted online, the images provide a rich source of context for brands. As the shift towards visual conversation continues, it becomes increasingly important for brands to tap into the insights they reveal about consumer trends, preferences, and behaviors.

Building on merger momentum, we have integrated the industry-leading Crimson Hexagon image analytics technology into Brandwatch Analytics. In addition to logo detection, Analytics users now see the objects, actions, and scenes associated with their logo.

The big picture

When it comes to online conversations, people naturally express themselves with pictures. While they are unlikely to write directly about a brand logo, or the environment in which they interact with that brand, the picture itself is a rich source of insights.

If you post a picture drinking your favorite beverage at the beach, do you tag the brand? Probably not. But if that brand recently ran a beach-themed campaign, the volume of images containing their logo on the beach is a valuable data point.

The stories image data can tell

With these new dimensions – object, action, and scene – to expand on logo recognition, you get more information about the context associated with a brand. This broader information about visual content opens the door to new types of insights.

Understand your audience

While text analysis tells you what consumers are saying, image analytics shows what they are actually doing with products. Are they more likely to use your products while sitting, running, or golfing? Has there been a shift in the activities associated with your logo? Knowing where your brand appears in consumers’ daily lives is an important indicator to track.

Determine “share of eye”

In terms of visual mentions, you’ll want to compare the context between your brand and your competitors’ brands. What are the overarching themes behind your visual mentions? What impact did your recent campaign or sponsorship have on your share of eye? If consumers associate a particular context with your brand as opposed to a competitor, that information may inform your next campaign or product innovation.

Discover emerging trends

With advanced image analysis, you can learn about early trends associated with your logo. By filtering on volume and trending score, you can tap these visual conversations to surface actions, objects, and scenes that are just starting to appear in mentions.

Artificial Intelligence behind the scenes

Our image analysis technology is powered by neural networks that mimic the way the human brain learns visual concepts. It uses deep learning to accurately identify and classify logos, objects, scenes, and actions. Trained on billions of images, the system provides highly accurate results.

A picture is worth a thousand words because it tells a visual story. A large scale analysis of your logo in the digital realm tells a data-centric story. It gives you access to insights about your brand, products, customers, and competitors that you can’t afford to miss.

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