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Published November 14th 2014

Inside Brandwatch: From Radio to Recruitment

As part of our ongoing series we’re having a friendly chat with a few of the very interesting recruitment individuals we have here at Brandwatch...

As part of our ongoing series we’re having a friendly chat with a few of the very interesting individuals we have here at Brandwatch.

We do lots of awesome stuff for Brandwatch and we like to talk about it – but we hardly ever mention the things we get up to outside of the office. So in the second edition of this series I’ve chatted with our Recruitment Coordinator in Berlin, Noah Telson, about his radio show, improv comedy and his role at Brandwatch.

Ice cream aspirations

When I was little, I wanted to be someone who had a profound impact on other people.

I was always drawn towards jobs that made people happy or excited, so as a kid I would dream of becoming an ice cream truck driver, and later on I idolized skier and Olympic gold medal winner Jonny Moseley, loved for his famous Dinner Roll move and all-round rock and roll attitude.

Throughout my school years I began to realize that I could entertain people without having to ski – and that’s how I got into acting.

“I learnt that I could be a vast variety of fascinating people through acting and still affect people in the same profound ways.”

Entertainment industry

This passion for drama moulded my school education where I studied theatre.

I planned on taking this through to my University studies but I ended up changing my major to political science – but that desire to entertain never went away.

Throughout my political science course in the US and masters in social science, I continued to perform on the side until my studies led me to Turkey. There were no drama societies or performance groups there, so by the time I made it to Berlin nine months later I was desperate to start performing again.

I found an improv group that I’ve been with ever since I arrived in Berlin. The improv group is related to the show ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ where two teams will compete against each other for laughs.


We put on a variety of improv games each week like head-to-head games (where two comedians will battle each other for laughs), world’s worst (see here), and musical based games (like this classic from Whose Line).

I realized through this improv group that I got real pleasure out of speaking with and meeting people.

Some people tend to shy away from talking with people they have never met but I really enjoy speaking with new people and getting a glimpse into their lives.

Berlin comedy

A year after I came to Berlin, my brother moved here. We’ve always wanted to create a show together and with the comedy scene booming in Berlin we realized this would be our best chance.

We wanted to do something that hadn’t been done before, so we sketched some ideas born out of improv. We came up with a QI style radio show/podcast that mixes the question and answer panel style of QI and ‘Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me’ with the comedy show ‘Wits’.

In each show we put together a panel of local or visiting comedians mixed with people of interest and local musicians. We make them play a quiz game called Piffle!, incorporate them into sketches, and interview them.

It comes out as a variety hour of comedy sketches and it’s in English so feel free to take a listen at


On the show we strive to find new faces in the comedy scene.

From radio to recruitment

My interest in other people has certainly helped me with my role at Brandwatch. My job allows me to communicate with new people on a day to day basis at a very real level.

“Brandwatch has been great for me – they’ve allowed me to consolidate the strengths that I’ve gained through other outlets, like the improv and radio show, by implementing them into my job.”

Moreover, my position at Brandwatch still accommodates my interests in comedy, drama, radio and entertainment of all sorts.


What makes Brandwatch brilliant?

It’s really the people here that make Brandwatch an awesome place to work. We’re packed full of ambitious, intelligent people who are genuinely helpful at their core.

Just check out the team page and you’ll get a glimpse at what some of the Brandwatchers are like.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 11.34.22 AM

If you want to find out for yourself what working in Brandwatch is like, then take a look at our careers page and see if there’s a role that’s right for you.

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