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Published December 12th 2017

Introducing: Vizia + Buzzsumo Trending Now

We've now added a Buzzsumo Tending Now integration to Vizia. Quickly and easily show what content is tending around the world in real-time.

If an opportunity presents itself, you grasp it. Right?

When BuzzSumo joined the Brandwatch family there was a lot of excitement and general fawning over how impressive the Buzzsumo platform was. But once the dust settled the Vizia team said to themselves, wouldn’t it be great to take some of BuzzSumo’s content expertise and bring it to life in Vizia? So they did.

Today we launched the latest Vizia integration – BuzzSumo Trending Now.

Vizia customers can visualize a world of trending content side by side with their other social and marketing data sources. It adds a very important piece of the puzzle to the Vizia ecosystem – content.

According to Google Trends, “content marketing” has been indexed since before 2004 and its importance has grown almost exponentially since.

Most of the people reading this blog have created a piece of content in the past six months, and a high percentage of that in the past week. There is a huge amount of noise out there but it’s our job to try to crack the code.

The fact of the matter is most of us need some help creating content. That’s where Vizia + Buzzsumo can help.

How does it work?

Visualize the trending, most shared or most recent content across 12 key categories

From marketing to health, use key insights from these verticals to drive your marketing activities.

From today this is available for all Vizia customers for free.

Build custom content feeds in BuzzSumo based on any topic from any domain.

No matter what your area of interest is or which sites you care about, you can create a fully customized content feed and visualize it in Vizia.

You have to have a BuzzSumo account in order to use this feature. You can find out more about becoming a BuzzSumo customer here.

So what can you do with it?

Be the first to know

  1. Breaking news

We all know how quickly things can change and news can break. From the weather to socio-political trends, it pays to know. What’s more, is that recent history has taught us that brands are no longer immune from these headlines.

If your national sorting hub was in the direct line of a hurricane that was due to hit land, you’d want to know sooner rather than later. With this integration, you can take the hassle out of staying informed.

2. Industry trends

What are your competitors up to now? Has there been an acquisition? Now, you can create feeds dedicated to keeping an eye on your competitors. Make sure nothing falls through the cracks and impress your boss with your unwavering knowledge of industry news and competitive intel.

Content marketing

3. Content curation

The Netflix documentary everyone is talking about, the latest meme, bots, AI, bitcoin…It can be hard to keep up when we have so many channels of information, and our customers rarely follow one path.

 With Buzzsumo + Vizia you can watch as these trends unfold in real-time. Pick and choose the topics you care about and identify opportunities for curation and engagement. In fact, you can see just how diverse our content tastes are with this roundup of the most shared Facebook content of 2017.



4. Content Creation 

When you google “Creating Content” one of the first results is an article titled:

“22 Tips For Creating Great Content When You Don’t Have a Clue” – Kissmetrics 

Being able to pinpoint exactly what’s going to resonate with your audience, on the right channel at the right time takes foresight, intelligence and a lot of luck.

Now you can see the trends that are kicking off, the news that’s breaking, and add that personal perspective you know will resonate with your audience.

What’s more, you have the luxury of first mover advantage by being able to see what happens in real-time. Just be ready to jump.

Identifying opportunities

We recently wrote a guide on how marketers can master real-time marketing at all stages of the customer journey.

One of the key points was you have to be ready to identify opportunities across the customer experience in order to deliver real value, and to do this you need to look at the big picture of your customer.

BuzzSumo’s Trending Now feature allows you to look at the relationship between your content and your customers and how they receive it or don’t.

The sooner you can identify opportunities, the sooner you can feed these insights into all aspects of the customer experience.

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