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Published November 5th 2012

Make Your Brand Work for You With Retargeting

Logically, the best way to use your marketing dollars is to reach out only to those who will be interested in your products.

By targeting consumers who are likely to buy, you increase return on investment and build a loyal customer base. For years, however, that’s been one of the biggest problems marketers have faced.

How do you reach out to a segment of the population without losing some valuable potential customers along the way?

As most of you are clearly aware, retargeting is an online marketing method that sends specific advertising to visitors of your site – after they leave.

It gives you the power to reach customers who search for your keywords, ‘Like’ your Facebook page or open an email from you. Generally this is done through targeted banner ads or even video advertising.

Here are a few strategies to help you take advantage of this marketing tool:

Branding Plus Performance

The success of online advertising is generally measured in performance: clicks, impressions or conversions. Retargeting emphasizes performance-based branding; the goal is not simply to bring people to your site, but to bring people who are part of your target consumer audience.

For example, a paid placement at the top of Google search results could attract searchers. However, retargeting takes it a step further by adding a cookie that will allow the searcher to see a banner ad as they continue browsing – one that speaks to their specific search terms.

When used correctly, this strategy can boost revenue by up to 10 percent.

Optimizing ROI

Retargeting works through tools in the code of your site that track user activity and “follow” them after they leave. To be effective, they require the right set-up and professional management.

Besides giving your clients information, targeted marketing will also give you feedback about the success of certain keywords.

Furthermore, the specific nature of retargeting lends itself to unique campaigns, meaning you can make big changes to your marketing strategy without spending big.

Roadblocks to Avoid

Targeted information can be helpful to smart shoppers. But if they feel overwhelmed or unsafe, they may actually retreat from the brand. To avoid alienating customers, resist the urge to inundate visitors with too much too soon.

Because of the user-specific ads, a little goes a long way. Another concern is video advertising. Though it can have a huge effect on branding (think Old Spice), it’s also more of a commitment than glancing at a text ad, and can be jarring if it pops up unexpectedly or interrupts other media.

Think of video ads as a way to rent time from consumers and make it worth everyone’s while.

Retargeting is a unique way to have consumers interact with your brand. You build a brand persona through the advertising you choose to put out, then bring visitors back to your store, where they are converted from viewers to shoppers to (ultimately) brand advocates.

By tying in social media, you can complete the retargeting cycle: consumers will choose the messages they agree with and want to put forward, either by a share, retweet or a ‘like’. When advertising is promoted by the ideal consumer, your brand has reached marketing nirvana.

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