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Jasmine is a Product Marketing Manager. She also makes a pretty good cake.


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Jasmine Jaume


Jasmine is a Product Marketing Manager. She also makes a pretty good cake.


Context, Mood and Tone: The Opportunities and Challenges of Image Analysis

There’s been a lot of conversation in our space about image analysis recently, especially with recent updates from the likes of Google and Facebook making waves in the consumer tech space. Read more

Commentary By Jasmine Jaume on April 21st 2016

Power and Simplicity: Introducing the New Query Wizard

We’ve just made Queries easier than they’ve ever been. Read more

Product By Jasmine Jaume on March 15th 2016

News: Brandwatch and Hootsuite Just got Even Better

It’s our philosophy to be the best we can be at all of the things we do, rather than just okay at many. As Scott Brinker noted in his recent piece for Customer Think, “The major marketing clouds are foundational players in the martech ecosystem, but the narrative that one-suite-will-rule-them-all has diminished in recent months.” Read more

Product By Jasmine Jaume on January 25th 2016

Signals Mobile: Allowing You to Act on Issues – Wherever, Whenever

It’s a situation you’ve all seen play out before – maybe with your own brand, maybe with others. Read more

Product By Jasmine Jaume on December 7th 2015

New: Save Time and Collaborate with Ease with Time Zone Support

One of our big themes here at Brandwatch is ‘going global’ – making social insights accessible across the globe and making collaboration across regions easier and faster for our users. Read more

Product By Jasmine Jaume on September 23rd 2015

August Update: We’re Making Global Collaboration Easier

The internet has in many ways made the world smaller, meaning that global reach isn’t just reserved for those companies with huge marketing budgets anymore.  Read more

Product By Jasmine Jaume on August 27th 2015

New: Get Alerted to the Issues You Care About with Signals Filtering

Now you can get automatically alerted to emerging crises and trends related to only the specific topics within your data that you really care about. Read more

Product By Jasmine Jaume on August 20th 2015

Monitoring: 5 Real Ways our Clients Have Used Signals for Success

Hopefully by now you’ve heard about one of our latest additions to Brandwatch Analytics, Signals. We’ve already explained how we at Brandwatch are using Signals across the business, but now that Signals has been around for a month or so, we wanted to give you even more inspiration with some great examples of how some […] Read more

Marketing By Jasmine Jaume on May 18th 2015

Marketing: Copy & Paste Search Strings to Enhance Your Data Analysis

No one likes rules. Rules are there to be broken, ignored, moaned at. But in Brandwatch Analytics, Rules are your best friend. They can take your social analysis to a much richer, deeper level. What’s more, they’re automatic once set up, so you get all that additional richness for a small amount of initial setup. Read more

Guide By Jasmine Jaume on May 4th 2015

Monitoring: How Brandwatchers Use Signals, from Football to Rocks

We recently launched our newest feature, Signals – real time automated intelligence-driven alerts that tip you off to emerging crises or trends as soon as they start. We’ve already talked about the main use case for this – reputation and crisis monitoring – but there are a myriad of other things you can use it for. Read more

Community By Jasmine Jaume on April 10th 2015