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Published February 13th 2014

Understanding Your Market With New Demographic Insights

Today we’re launching a feature we’re very excited about: Demographic Insights.

It’s a whole bunch of useful data and features that mean you can understand who’s talking about your brand in much more detail – the ‘who’ behind the conversation, as it were.

What is it?

Social media is all about people, so it’s essential to know more than just the topline numbers about your brand’s buzz. Demographic Insights lets you find out more about the people behind the online conversation you find with Brandwatch Analytics.

It provides demographic data about your Twitter audience and the individuals talking about your brand, as well as a host of dashboards and tools for analysing that data.

With this new feature, you’ll be able to analyse the tweeters within your Query (search) results, both as a group and individually, including their:

  • Account type (whether they are an organisation or an individual)
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Profession
  • Location

We’ve made some infographics about Valentine’s Day chat, to show just a few examples of the data it can provide. Click here to view the UK and ROI or USA versions.

Join the webinar

We’re hosting two webinars in the coming weeks (at different times for different timezones!) all about understanding your audience better, which will include a live demo of the Demographics feature and some practical uses for it.

It’ll be full of useful tips about using the feature and is suited to both marketers wanting to know more about using demographics and the importance of understanding your market, and Brandwatch users wanting to know how they can make the most of the platform.

You can sign up to those here:

February 20 3.30-4pm GMT  

February 27 1.30-2pm EST 

So, what’s it for?

This feature set is particularly useful for market researchers, community managers, PR and campaign managers who want to:

  • Better understand the topics of conversation among specific segments of the audience for improved targeting
  • Find and engage with influencers in specific industries and markets
  • Understand the interests and professions of those discussing a brand, to aid campaign planning and optimisation
  • Expand into new markets by uncovering new or unexpected audiences discussing the brand or topic

To give you a proper idea of just some of the ways Demographic Insights can be used, we’ve created an infographic all about Valentine’s Day, using the feature to analyse the conversation about the day of romance. Take a look at it here.

UK retailer Argos, who partnered with us to create the infographic and who are at the digital forefront when it comes to retail and the customer experience, are using Brandwatch to aid their transition to becoming a digital retail leader.

“Brandwatch’s flexibility and ability to drill down into social data means we can effectively monitor and manage our brand reputation, as well as discover and understand the online conversation about each of our stores,” says James Finch, Customer and Digital Insight Manager at Argos.


“Demographic Insights adds even more value by allowing us to understand more about our online audience, especially segmenting them by their gender and location, so that we can better understand our customers’ buying habits, and the response to our products and stores.”

How does it work?


Using a complex set of rules and machine learning techniques, we assign Twitter authors* who are talking about your brand different demographic categories.

We categorise people according to what they tell the world about themselves, by analysing their own Twitter bio. That means the data is incredibly accurate, so you can be sure that you can trust it. Plus, we let you look at the actual details of each author, so you can see why an author has been classified as they have.

We’ve created a default dashboard focused specifically on demographics so that you can easily find actionable insights from the data. Of course, as with all Brandwatch dashboards, you can fully customise it too, and use the data and filters within all of our normal charts and tools for in-depth analysis.

*Please note that demographic data is currently available for English-language Twitter authors only.

If you’d like more information about how Demographic Insights works, please get in touch or, if you’re a client, speak to you account manager.

Brandwatch users can also find out more about using the feature in our support portal.


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