Latest Research: The Best Brands and Industries for Customer Experience 2020

Blending 200 million online conversations with 9,000 global survey responses, we found out how brands can get CX right

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Latest Research: The Best Brands and Industries for Customer Experience 2020

Blending 200 million online conversations with 9,000 global survey responses, we found out how brands can get CX right

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Published September 18th 2013

Launching Brandwatch Vizia: Beautiful Data at Your Command

Today is an incredibly exciting day at Brandwatch. We’re launching our first new product in six years, and we’re extremely proud to be finally revealing it.

Introducing… Brandwatch Vizia.

Brandwatch Vizia is a dynamic, multi-screen visual display of your social data. It’s beautiful, insightful and incredibly flexible.

There’s no better way to understand the power of Brandwatch Vizia than seeing it in action:

To find out more about Brandwatch Vizia and see a live demo, sign up for one of our webinars:

Wed 25 Sep. 2pm EDT (update: see a recording here)

Mon 30 Sep. 3pm BST (and the UK one here)

Or – even better – scroll down to find out where you can see it in person at an event.

What makes it unique?


Vizia is, in effect, a second-generation ‘command centre’ – it takes the ideas of the traditional command centres of the past few years, and builds on them.

We’ve gone beyond static, boring charts and one-dimensional displays that are so frequent in traditional command centres. Vizia shows your data in beautiful visualisations that move and change, telling the story of your data as it happens.

Vizia is unique because it is:

  • Customisable
  • Dynamic
  • Remotely controlled
  • Flexible
  • Powerful

Find out more about what makes it’s key features here (PDF).
Brandwatch Vizia

“Brandwatch Vizia unlocks social intelligence from the confines of former command center models. It’s not only supported by advanced analytics that delve into the most relevant business insights, but it’s also really dynamic and scalable across various use cases.”

– Logan Lawler, Social Media Listening and Analytics Practice Leader at Dell.

Why use Vizia?

Brandwatch Vizia is incredibly flexible, meaning it can be adapted and configured for a variety of use cases. Some of those include:

  • Showcase your social media results across the company and make social data accesible to all teams, including to your Board or Executive suite
  • Monitor the success of your marketing campaigns and compare to your competitors
  • Ensure rapid security and crisis management by staying on top of any sudden changes in data or emerging topics
  • Analyse events and campaigns in real-time, to capitalise on real-time marketing opportunities
  • Establish a central ‘social hub’ or command centre to manage social activities

Current Brandwatch clients, such as Dell and Wells Fargo, have applauded Vizia’s flexibility.

“Companies in every industry need to be conscious of signals that come from what customers and the market are saying, and it’s especially vital for us in financial services. At Wells Fargo, we’re evolving our social intelligence and business strategy all the time, and innovative new solutions like Brandwatch Vizia are pivotal to scaling our social media command center.”

– Renee Brown, Director of Enterprise Social Media at Wells Fargo 

Brandwatch Vizia

Why have we created it?


If you’re reading this blog, chances are that you’re as aware as the rest of us of how important social media is to businesses these days.

Not only for customer service, marketing and for building brand loyalty, but also for the huge amount of data – and the opportunities that data presents us.

Brands and organisations are getting to grips with the difficulties of gathering and analysing that data, and are finding that it’s difficult to make those insights gleaned accessible across their business. Social media monitoring platforms like ours can be complex to use, and are often confined to specific staff or teams.

We found that clients were crying out for a way to make their data accessible across their business, so that all teams could benefit from the insights relevant to them. They also needed to do that in real-time; often, by the time a report is produced, it’s too late to act on the information inside.

Brandwatch has a reputation for creating stunning data visualisations and making data interesting, sexy and enticing whilst making it easier to understand.

We thought why not put that experience together with our renowned data and create the product our clients so clearly wanted, and needed. And thus, nine or so months of dedicated development time later, Brandwatch Vizia was launched.

“Command centres are like an MRI for brands. Understanding what resonates with customers, where the blockages are and what has velocity is essential to brand vitality.”

– Gavin Heaton, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research.

See Vizia in person & more info


If you’re interested in seeing Brandwatch Vizia in action, come see us at one of these events, where we will be showing off Vizia live:

– Dmexco, Cologne, 18-19th September –

Come and see us at our booth: Hall 7, D-059.

– Social Media Week, London – 23-27th September

Come and see us at SMWLDN HQ, we’ll be there all week. We’ve got 50 VIP passes to give away – fill in this form for a chance to bag one!

– Open Studios event, Brighton, 26th September

We’re opening our offices up as part of the Brighton Digital Festival Open Studios week. Come and take a look at where the magic happens and see our own Vizia setup.

If you’d like more information about Brandwatch Vizia, you can read more here, take a look at our brochure, or get in touch. We’d be happy to show you just what it can do.



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