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Published July 31st 2014

Now Offering Historical Twitter Data Back to 2006

Today is a super exciting day here at Brandwatch. That’s because starting today, we are offering our clients full historical Twitter data, right back t...

Today is a super exciting day here at Brandwatch.

That’s because starting today, we are offering our clients full historical Twitter data, right back to the first ever tweet in 2006 through new Brandwatch Twitter Hindsight.

While most other social media monitoring platforms only offer up to 1-2 years of Twitter data, we’re now offering you access to the full 8 years of Tweets since Jack Dorsey’s first tweet, so you can be certain you’re getting every single Tweet you need.

Just imagine – Brandwatch Twitter Hindsight gives you the ability to know what the whole world was saying about any topic, anywhere, at any time. Since 2006. Now tell me that doesn’t get you a little bit excited!

This historical Twitter data is now available at low cost in addition to our already comprehensive archive of non-Twitter sources such as blogs, forums, news sites and other social networks, stretching back to 2010, making our historical data offering one of the most robust in the industry.

And, of course, we continue to give our clients full real-time Twitter data too. What’s not to like?

So what can you do with historical data?

What can’t you do with it is a better question! Using historical data gives you the power of hindsight at your fingertips, so you can look back to better plan for the future.

Ever thought ‘I wish I’d known that’? Well, historical Twitter data means that now you can.

“Hindsight is a game changer,” says our CMO Will McInnes. “Now you can get insights that are only possible when you can grab any tweet back to 2006 and blend it with your existing Brandwatch social data.

Some particularly great uses include:

  • Uncovering new angles for campaign planning by accessing tailored data snapshots for year-on-year campaign tracking, trend projection, and analysis of recurring or specific events from the full Twitter corpus
  • Confidently sharing insights about the historical impact of past marketing activities
  • Producing richer, more insightful analysis and reporting through unbridled access to complete Twitter dataset from the first tweet in 2006

Over the coming months, we’ll be sharing more examples and case studies about using historical data and how it can benefit your business.

Why now?

We’ve always worked closely with Twitter – Brandwatch Analytics has been a Twitter Certified Product since May 2013 and was also the first company to offer full Twitter data through the Brandwatch API in partnership with Twitter-owned Gnip. We’ve also been providing our customers with real-time full Twitter data since 2011.

We’re excited to continue that trajectory in our new offering, Brandwatch Twitter Hindsight, as we drive innovation and strive to bring new products to market in the social data analytics ecosystem. Exciting times are ahead and we are thrilled to be leading the industry in terms of social data innovation and technology. 

“Hindsight is the first of several exciting product announcements we have coming up which we believe are new, are different and collectively lead the industry from analytics to real social intelligence” – Will McInnes, CMO

Get access now

397 - Twitter Hindsight Blog Assets_blog-image

Brandwatch Twitter Hindsight is available to all our Enterprise customers at a minimal fee calculated by the amount of data you need – click here for more information, or get in touch with your Account Manager if you’re already a client. Clients can also find additional information on the support portal.

Plus, the excitement doesn’t stop there. We’re also now offering all our clients complimentary 30-Day Twitter Replays (full historical Twitter data for the past 30 days) on request – just get in touch to find out more.

Now you know.

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