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Published September 30th 2014

New Vizia Release: More Flexible and Accessible Social Intelligence

We're taking social intelligence to the next level with our new Vizia release.

In September 2013 we launched Vizia, a second-generation command center powered by Brandwatch Analytics which makes visualizing powerful social data simple.

Since then, Vizia has launched in some of the world’s leading organizations, including Monster, Moneygram, Whirlpool, and Droga5.

In that time we’ve also thought a lot about the role social intelligence plays in organizations by speaking with Vizia  and Analytics customers, as well as using Vizia ourselves.

In our exploration a common theme stood out: social data can be useful to more roles than just marketers, who are typically dedicated to learning and using powerful social monitoring and analytics tools.

Social information can help inform the business decisions of product developers, executives, quality assurance – virtually every role in organizations can benefit from seeing what current, past, and potential customers are saying.

Sure – many powerful social media analytics tools are available to do this, however lack of access, lack of knowledge, and lack of time can prohibit these non-marketers from using them.

Luckily, social media command centers like Vizia exist, making real-time social intelligence accessible to all.


Today, we’re releasing features in Vizia to make distributing real-time social intelligence more flexible.


This update features a rebuilt Admin section, the backbone of the tool, which enables users to build, duplicate, and manipulate Displays and Scenes with lightning speed.

It allows users to react fast as priorities change – whether it’s a spike in a social topic or a manager requesting to see new social data.

Displays, which contain multiple Scenes, are now organized by columns in the Admin section. Displays can launch to any TV, computer, or tablet screen via Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Nice.

Vizia Flow Diagram

Let’s build a Scene.


Want to see share of voice of iPhone models? No problem. Just click “Add Scene” and select a Scene Type.

output_alv3Rr Build the Scene by selecting data sources you’ve set up in Analytics, filters, and date range. The Scene Preview shows live social data and reflects modifications as they happen. output_90QoQ6Duplicate.

Want to make a similar Scene or Tile quickly without starting from scratch? Let’s make it easy. Just duplicate it. output_jv3I7xManipulate and launch.

Want to move a Scene or put it on a new Display for a different team? Just drag and drop the Scene. These changes can be done remotely to live Vizia screens without any downtime. Clicking “Launch Display” launches it to a new browser tab for use on TV screen, computer, or mobile. output_4ySYaY

Building and changing Scenes now takes a matter of seconds, so setting up your command center is faster and more simple than ever.

But that’s not all. We’ve also updated the Messages feature, which allows users to broadcast text on Vizia Displays. Messages, which can be customized by color, duration, and style, can now be sent to multiple specific Displays or All Displays, so giving context to social data is now easier than ever.

These features represent a big change for Vizia, and we’d like to show you more.

For current Vizia users, start using the new features today.

Want to see what sets Vizia apart from the rest?

[cta_button title=”Get a demo” text=”Get a demo” target=”https://www.brandwatch.com/demo/”]

Now you know.

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