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Published May 29th 2020

Query Writing Just Got More Simple

Get to the insights more efficiently than ever before with the brand new query editor in Brandwatch Consumer Research.

In Brandwatch Consumer Research, there are four important steps you take when you use the platform to unlock valuable consumer insights:

  • Search
  • Segment
  • Analyze
  • Action

The first step, search, is arguably the most important.

In order to filter through and collect relevant data from the billions of conversations taking place every day, you need a powerful search engine to help navigate your way through the noise.

That’s why our engineers have redesigned our query editor, making it easier to build the queries that lead to those important consumer insight discoveries.

In the new query editor, you can:

  • Use our helpful hints and tips to assist you in perfecting your boolean writing
  • Visually see errors within your query using our colour coding, and then correct those errors with helpful suggestions
  • Use filters to collect data from specific locations, languages, people, and more

If you’re a Brandwatch customer, you can try it now.

With the new query editor, you can search through billions of conversations quickly and at scale.

3 powerful searches to get you started

1. Use image search to explore specific products

In the new query editor, you can use image search to collect all instances of a specific object or logo.

So what happens if we search for all images containing soft drinks, and then examine this within our dashboard?

From this query, you can very quickly get a glimpse into what the most popular images containing soft drinks are, and which products appear most frequently.

Is there a specific drink brand that is captured the most? Where are these pictures being taken? You may discover a brand new market that you had never considered before.

2. Find out what your audience are talking about

In the new query editor, users will soon be able to easily upload a list of authors to find out exactly what else they talk about online.

Perhaps you’ll listen to the conversation of your brand advocates, or key influencers? You may even want to listen to what your competitor’s consumers are saying. What might you discover?

3.  Discover consumer conversations taking place in any location

Using longitude and latitude search in the new query editor, it has never been easier to listen to online conversation taking place in a specific location.

Discover what consumers are talking about anywhere in the world.

How does consumer conversation differ in the UK vs the US? Which day of the week are people most likely to post in Madrid? You could even see what people are saying in a particular sports arena or theme park.

What will you discover in Brandwatch Consumer Research with the new query editor?

If you’re a Brandwatch customer, you can try the new query editor now. If not, click the button below to book a meeting with a Brandwatch expert.

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