Aspiring to be a Cool Brand on Social? Zoom in on Denny’s

I remember when I discovered Denny’s. I’m not talking about the restaurant-chain, either. I’ve known the restaurant since I was a child. No, no. I’m talking about Denny’s Twitter account; a gem by all standards. I follow journalists and news … Read more

Brands By Kellan Terry on March 27th 2017

React: Social Media’s Reaction to #AppleEvent in Five Charts

Apple events never fail to get people talking. Read more

Brands By Gemma Joyce on March 22nd 2016

React: Nike Causes Storm Targeting Long-form Ads at Millennials

Nike’s new leap of faith into long-form marketing with the campaign “Margot vs. Lily” is making waves on social, but is it for the right reasons? Read more

Brands By Cara Sherratt on March 17th 2016

React: New Netflix Socks Become Unlikely Global Festive Craft Craze

Netflix’s release of a how-to guide for creating your own electronic socks has caused a stir on social. Read more

Brands By Gemma Joyce on December 18th 2015

React: Spotify Wounds Apple Music After Free Trial, But The War’s Not Over

If you’ve got an iPhone – or bought one in the last month – you’ve probably tried out Apple Music. Read more

Brands By Marcus Beard on October 19th 2015

AmazonFresh: Appealing to a New Market of Unhappy Shoppers

Technology has shortened the feedback loops in almost every industry. Read more

Brands By Marcus Beard on September 18th 2015

Research: What Can Six Flags, Disney and Alton Towers Learn from Social Media?

As the sun peeks out through the grey drizzle we’ve become accustomed to in the last few months, everyone’s looking to get outside as much as possible. For some, the idea of ‘fun in the sun’ is strapping into a small … Read more

Brands By Marcus Beard on June 8th 2015

Why Has Twitter Suddenly Gone Wild For P.F. Chang’s?

Recently we’ve seen an explosion of interest around long-standing Asian-themed restaurant P.F. Chang’s, leaving us all scratching our heads in wonder. Chang’s Spicy Chicken is as spicy as ever and the Ginger Chicken with Broccoli is characteristically neglected. Let’s not even talk … Read more

Brands By Marcus Beard on December 16th 2014

John Lewis, Monty the Penguin and the Power of Putting Digital First

With no Thanksgiving for us Brits to look forward to, November is traditionally the time on this side of the pond when Christmas starts. And boy, has it started. If you’re in the UK and haven’t been living in a … Read more

Brands By Natalie Meehan on November 10th 2014

It’s Time For FourthMeal… On Your Phone

Taco Bell isn’t the first fast food brand in the world to execute a social media campaign. But its recent blackout is a unique example of combining a product update, customer service, and social media to create an end-to-end campaign that … Read more

Brands By Ashling Scanlon on October 31st 2014