Naomi Trickey: On The Brandwatch Values, and What They Mean

Honestly, what’s the point of values? Everyone has them, so do they actually differentiate us in any way? And if they don’t, again: what’s the point? Brandwatch is a values- and people-led organisation. We knew what our values were because we … Read more

Culture By Naomi Trickey on March 28th 2017

News Just In: Brandwatch is the 16th Best Place to Work in New York City

It’s that special time of year. The one we’ve all been waiting for, that brings up warm feelings and great memories. Well, at least here in the Brandwatch New York City office. The Crain’s Best Places to Work in New … Read more

Culture By Dinah Alobeid on December 8th 2016

Staff Spotlight: Head of Analytics, Amy Barker

You would be hard pressed to find an employee who didn’t list company culture as one of their favorite things about working for Brandwatch. Read more

Culture By Jessie Twersky on June 22nd 2016

Staff Spotlight: Jim Reynolds, VP of Agency Relations

Jim Reynolds acts as VP of Agency Relations, and I’m sure you’ve spotted him at events or over on Twitter. Read more

Culture By Jessie Twersky on June 1st 2016

Staff Spotlight: VP of Brandwatch APAC, Christel Quek

As Brandwatch expands farther across the globe, so do our personnel. Read more

Culture By Jessie Twersky on May 4th 2016

Inside Brandwatch: Staff Spotlight on Vizia’s VP of Product

Brandwatch is many things. At the core, we are a social intelligence platform with some of the best-in-class tools in the industry. Read more

Culture By Jessie Twersky on February 24th 2016

Data Labs: Behind the Scenes of our Star Quality Holiday Campaign

This holiday season, you may have noticed a few more stars have been added to the night sky. Read more

Culture By Natalie Meehan on December 21st 2015

Meet the Experts: A Day in the Life of Professional Services

We recently launched the new Expert Hours service (read all about it here). We thought you might want to meet these experts we’ve been talking of, so in this series we’ll be getting to know the different teams. First up, Professional … Read more

Culture By Gemma Cooper on June 11th 2015

Inside Brandwatch: Communication is a Support Team’s Greatest Tool

In my relatively short career I have found myself drawn to customer support roles, working for a range of companies in various different positions. Where these departments and companies have prospered there has been one common theme – excellent communication. Read more

Culture By Dan Leonard on June 9th 2015

#InsideBrandwatch: A Sneak Peek at our Secret ‘20% Time’ Projects

As Brandwatch has grown – very quickly – over the past few years, it’s sometimes easy for teams to forget how intrinsically we are all linked and how each department feeds into another. In the aim of ensuring we are … Read more

Culture By Natalie Meehan on April 27th 2015

The Signals Journey: Building a New Kind of Intelligence

Last month, we announced Signals, our smart new feature that alerts you to emerging crises and trends. Signals is our latest foray into the world of more sophisticated automated intelligence, building on top of extensive work we’ve already done to … Read more

Culture By Alastair Lockie on April 3rd 2015

Inside Brandwatch: Behind the Scenes at the Signals Launch Party

Last week we launched our latest feature, Signals. We were rather excited about it, and with good reason – built on our powerful social data platform and powered by the most sophisticated intelligence around, Signals alerts you to emerging crises and … Read more

Culture By Chelsea Varney on April 1st 2015

Inside Brandwatch: ISO27001:2013 Accreditation and Security Updates

Security has been a key concern here since the earliest days of Brandwatch. We have had our work verified internally and by many customers across the years, but a recurring question turning up again and again was whether we had ISO27001 … Read more

Culture By John Sands on March 31st 2015

Inside Brandwatch: Clients Master Social Media Monitoring

It seems like it was only yesterday that we decided to host our first Brandwatch Masterclass. In fact, it’s been a whole year since we first invited our clients to come and learn more about the platform while getting to … Read more

Culture By Chelsea Varney on March 17th 2015