More Tabs, Please #18: Hunt Sabs, Subcultures, and Screenplays

Spring has maybe sprung on the UK’s southern shores today. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but today might actually be the first day of Bag of Cans of weather. It’d be freezing by 7, but as long as you can get one tin down comfortable sat in a park it still counts. Anyway, onto […] Read more

Culture By Joshua Boyd on April 6th 2018

More Tabs, Please #17: Rabbit Holes, Conspiracy Theories and Weird Social Experiments

Happy not Friday. We’re about to start the la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la long weekend (you have to sing it each time) and, with great expanses of hangover time ahead, you need things to keep you entertained. That’s what More Tabs, Please is for. The very very observant of you may have deduced by the lack of mention of […] Read more

Culture By Gemma Joyce on March 29th 2018

More Tabs, Please #15: Mafia Fighters, Online Horror, and Moomins

Here we are again. It’s that time of the month where the days begin to drag again as payday seems so close and, yet, so, so far. I’m already in rationing mode. So, to cheer you up, here’s the usual reads, watches and listens for this week. The listen-along album this time is Superorganism’s self-titled […] Read more

Culture By Joshua Boyd on March 16th 2018

More Tabs, Please #14: Neural Networks, Scientist Stories, and Longreads

Welcome, welcome, welcome. It’s Friday and, if you don’t have a life, today’s edition will get you through the weekend. Over in the UK the snow has gone and it’s nearing Bag of Cans Weather. Nice. This week’s album, to get us prepared for cans of Zywiec and terrible BBQs on the beach is The […] Read more

Culture By Joshua Boyd on March 9th 2018

More Tabs, Please #13: Tsunami Ghosts, Tyrannical Design and Birds

Spooky times. It’s Friday and the 13th More Tabs, Please. Watch out for that ghost standing behind you! Ha. Only kidding. They’re waiting for you at home. Anyway, time for some interesting stuff to read. This week’s musical accompaniment is The Original Monster Mash by The Crypt-Kickers  Virgo Blaktro and the Movie Disco by Felix Da Housecat: From […] Read more

Culture By Joshua Boyd on March 2nd 2018

More Tabs, Please #12: Sound Waves, Amazon Roads, and Lager

The old number 12. A dozen. The months of a year. Half a day. A clock face. And, now, a More Tabs, Please edition. We recommend a pint of cooking wine for this one. Our album to listen to this week is Nil Frahm’s Solo: From a lunchtime stout to all-night lager Why do different cultures have […] Read more

Culture By Joshua Boyd on February 26th 2018

More Tabs, Please #11: Immigrant Cats, Polar Treks, and Libraries

Welcome back to More Tabs, Please. There is now an electric sports car hurtling around space towards an asteroid belt for no reason. That’s about where humanity is right now and it’s pretty weird. Here are some articles to get you through the fact we’re now in ‘the future’ but it’s nothing like The Jetsons. This week’s […] Read more

Culture By Joshua Boyd on February 16th 2018

More Tabs, Please #9: Ballgown Fighting, Street Food, and Hamilton

That’s it. January is out of here and we can all pretend we were only miserable because of the month. Into February we go with all its delights like ‘being cold but not as much as January” and ‘being dark but not as much as January’. Pure heaven. This week’s album is Shuggie Otis’s Freedom Flight: […] Read more

Culture By Joshua Boyd on February 2nd 2018

More Tabs, Please #8: Ramen Bowls, Old Inventions, and Shootouts

It’s Friday once again, so it’s time for another More Tabs, Please. The end of January is within reach and it’s nearly not dark at 5pm. The more forward-thinking among us are already looking ahead to Post-work Bag of Tins on Some Grass Season, which frankly, can’t come soon enough. This week’s album is the […] Read more

Culture By Joshua Boyd on January 26th 2018

More Tabs, Please #6: Fatal Flu, Hotel Hacks, and Viral Lists

And we’re back. The dust is settling on 2018 and we’ve got the rest of our live ahead of us. More Tabs, Please will continue to bring you great reads, watches, and listens each week and the first of 2018 is looking pretty good. We tried to keep it slightly optimistic, but I don’t think […] Read more

Culture By Joshua Boyd on January 12th 2018

More Tabs, Please #4: Spielberg Oners, Robo-Therapy, and Baseball

Its Friday so we’re back with another More Tabs, Please. Grab yourself a pipe, a strong Moscow Mule and a bean bag, then get to it. As it’s snowed a bit and it’s getting colder, this week’s music is my go-to winter album: Silent Alarm by Bloc Party. Still as good as you remember it. Unless you […] Read more

Culture By Joshua Boyd on December 8th 2017

More Tabs, Please #3: Hypno-Soviets, Data Detectives, and Funny Porridge

Another week, another More Tabs, Please. Christmas music has finally started in the office and the decorations are up, but we’ll be holding back on the festive stories for now. Anyway, grab some Twiglets, a brandy and a cigar, and get ready. Your album this week is Janelle Monae’s The Electric Lady. Enjoy it as it’ll probably just […] Read more

Culture By Joshua Boyd on December 1st 2017

More Tabs, Please #2: Turkey Gangs, Mathematical Athletes, and Rainforest Healthcare

Here we go with number two of More Tabs, Please. We’ve got another six articles, an artist, and a YouTube series for you. Grab yourself something to drink (it’s Friday, just have a whisky already), settle down, and have a nice, good read. You deserve it. Your accompanying album this week is The Number Ones by Irish power-pop […] Read more

Culture By Joshua Boyd on November 24th 2017

More Tabs, Please #1: Robots, Dead Poets, and Bugs

Welcome to More Tabs, Please. This is Brandwatch’s new series where we collate a bunch of recommended content we think you should see. We’ll be suggesting stuff every week (even if it’s not from this week), including articles, podcasts, artists, designers,  music and whatever else. Any topic is fair game. Our customers are a diverse […] Read more

Culture By Joshua Boyd on November 16th 2017