Guide: How to Avoid the Simple Mistakes that Affect Your Bottom Line

A few years ago our then-intern (and now Product Marketing Manager) Phill Agnew was let loose on our Brandwatch Twitter account. At the time we were promoting a guide on community management, and he took a rather interesting approach on the wording of the social post. We awoke the day after promoting the guide to […] Read more

Guide By Natalie Meehan on March 26th 2018

The 5 Step Guide: Evolving Your Customer Journey Strategy

How many times do you change your mind a day? If you’re standing in the grocery store staring at 35 different types of shampoo and conditioner, how many do you actually consider before making the final decision? Have you ever wondered why you only consider 3-5 brands? What makes those brands so special? No? Well, […] Read more

Guide By Emma Shanahan on February 22nd 2018

Boolean Query Writing: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re new to Brandwatch Analytics, Boolean query writing may seem a bit scary to you. All those intimidating characters! I understand. It’s inviting to just go for that Query Wizard button. If that’s how you feel, I want you to keep on reading. It’s my secret mission here at Brandwatch to turn you into […] Read more

Guide By Joakim Nilsson on January 4th 2018

Twitter Polls: The Full In-Depth Guide

Sitting somewhere between a research tool and a bit of fun, Twitter polls have been used extensively since their introduction two years ago. Want to start using them? Then read on. What are Twitter Polls? Twitter polls are a Twitter feature which allows you to ask a question that other users can vote on within […] Read more

Guide By Joshua Boyd on September 28th 2017

Brandwatch Tips: Using Social Listening to Stay on Top of Latest Industry Trends

Apart from using Brandwatch to track brand mentions and press coverage, I also rely on our platform to keep abreast of the latest industry trends and popular articles on influencer marketing, the area I look after. To better illustrate the process of making this happen, we’ll use a practical example: “influencer marketing”. This can of […] Read more

Guide By Ruxandra Mindruta on February 17th 2017

B2B Content Marketing: Only as Strong as its Weakest Link

  Content marketing is core to B2B marketing today. Read more

Guide By Peter Morgan on October 3rd 2016

Organic Social Media Reach is Falling: Here’s How B2B Marketers Can Fight the Drop

Global spending on social media advertising is forecast to reach $29.9bn in 2016. And it’s rising fast, predicted to grow a further 20% in 2017 – reaching $36bn and representing 16% of all digital ad spending. Social networks have made content marketers of all of us – as demonstrated by the photos we publish to […] Read more

Guide By Peter Morgan on September 26th 2016

New Guide: Thoughts On Crafting a Brand Identity

Executives at the agency Wieden+Kennedy must have been pleased to find out that, amidst the multi-million dollar advertisements featured at the 2010 Super Bowl, it was actually their Old Spice YouTube video that captured the public’s imagination. The video forever changed the face of advertising. Countless advertisers, researchers and thought-leaders would scrutinize the ad, trying […] Read more

Guide By James Lovejoy on August 9th 2016

How to Measure Paid, Owned, and Earned Media

The idea of paid, owned and earned media has been around for quite some time. Relying too heavily on one marketing stream can leave you vulnerable should an unexpected change reduce its output, so it’s important to get a balance of sources when it comes to your marketing. Read more

Guide By Kit Smith on June 30th 2016

How to Measure Share of Voice: PPC, SEO and Social Media

One of the things that keeps marketers fretting late at night is trying to decide which metrics to measure. When you have the ability to count every click and scroll, the indecisive marketer could easily develop analysis paralysis. Read more

Guide By Kit Smith on June 15th 2016

Ask an Expert: Generate Actionable Marketing Intelligence with Social Data

Do you find your social listening initiatives provide you with actionable insights or are you left wanting for more?  Read more

Guide By Jillian Ney on April 28th 2016

Guide: How to Upgrade Your SEO and Content Marketing Strategy

SEO is one of those oft-misunderstood marketing activities. Content marketing’s less sexy friend, reliant on algorithms and ever-shifting keyword research. Read more

Guide By Natalie Meehan on March 23rd 2016

Brand Equity Modernized: Why Social Media is your Best Asset

In 2003, Michael Jordan retired from basketball for the third time. Read more

Guide By Kit Smith on March 8th 2016