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Covid-19 Data Bulletin

We’ve been sending our subscribers daily covid-19 email bulletins since 20/03/2020. Here you can browse all of our previous daily updates.

May 28th 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 046

Dear {{lead.First Name:default= }}, Welcome back to our Covid-19 bulletin. Today we’re looking at the decline in virtual events, and how shopping habits are changing during the pandemic. Want...

May 27th 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 045

Welcome back. This time we’re looking at the kind of exercise we’ve been getting during the pandemic, and how we’ve adjusted our behavior since the outbreak. If you’re not s...

May 26th 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 044

Welcome to our first bulletin of the week after our day off yesterday. Today we’re looking at the old school activities we’ve been adopting under lockdown, and another look at how Covid...

May 22nd 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 043

It’s finally Friday, so it means our last bulletin of the week. Due to the bank holiday in the UK, our next bulletin won’t be till Tuesday. Today we’re looking at the world’...

May 21st 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 042

Here we go again. Today we’re looking at anxiety and depression levels, cancelling subscriptions, and what we’re naming babies under lockdown. And if you’re not signed up for thes...

May 20th 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 041

Welcome back to our daily bulletin. Today we’re looking at difficulties around shopping and how people are looking to old tech under lockdown. If you want these bulletins sent straight to you...

May 19th 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 040

Welcome back! Today we’re looking at the rise of podcasters and the return of retro consoles. If you want to get these bulletins yourself each day, subscribe below.

May 18th 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 039

Welcome back to week nine of our Covid-19 daily bulletins. Today we’re looking at the gap left by Eurovision, and how publishers might be getting the hang of Covid-19 content. If you’re...

May 15th 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 038

Another week nearly done, we’re back today with a very forward-looking section on holiday spending, and another on our social relationships. Don’t forget to subscribe to get this bullet...

May 14th 2020

Covid-19 Bulletin 037

Welcome back. Today we’ve got a ton of survey data around lockdown measures and a return to normality. And we’re also looking at how companies are losing customers during the crisis. If...

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